Sep 172012

The Korea Times reported on Sunday, Samsung plans to release the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 on “Mobile World Congress” (MWC) in February next year.

The report quoted the Samsung senior officials saying that Samsung plans to release the Galaxy S4 in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona next year and latest in March it will be listed in the world.

In May of this year, Samsung just released the Galaxy S3. Samsung IT and mobile business unit director Shin Jong-kyun said last Wednesday that the Galaxy S3 will be sold more than 30 million this year, Earlier this month, Galaxy S3 sales reached 20 million units.

The senior official also said Samsung Galaxy S4 release is only nine months time from Galaxy S3, therefore it is sufficient to inhibit the Apple iPhone. Last week, Apple just released a new generation of product iPhone 5, this Friday it will be the first listing in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

The senior official said, in the hardware specifications and software features, Galaxy S4 will be a most powerful smart phone of Samsung. Galaxy S4 will support LTE network, uses Samsung’s Exynos brand application processor and quad-core chip. Currently, based on different sales countries, Galaxy S3 sseperately uses the Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Galaxy S4 adopts the OLED screen, the screen size will become 5 inches from Galaxy S3 4.8-inch. It still uses Google Android system. The senior official said: “Samsung plans to upgrade once a year, Galaxy S4 is the first product implementing the strategy.”

Sep 142012

Apple confirmed on Thursday that the iPhone 3GS has stopped production and the iPhone 4 will replace it to become the free contract phone.

Insiders had previously expected Apple iPhone 3GS will be sold in developing countries as a non-contract product, but Apple has confirmed that they do not intend to do so.

Last year with the release of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS became Apple first free mobile phone with a two-year contract on its core markets in the United States, which is to take Apple to break into the low-end market they had never considered competing.

However, with the iPhone 5 launch on Wednesday, iPhone 4S was transferred to the $99 price, but the iPhone 4 just released in 2010 has become Apple’s new free phone.

In fact, there has been rumors last week that the 2009 debut iPhone 3GS will be retired with the latest iPhone 5 release.

Sep 132012

According to media reports, although Apple put a number of new technologies into the iPhone 5, the company did not choose the wireless charging technology that Nokia Lumia 920 has, nor with the NFC chip which comes with the Galaxy S III.

Although some people think that Apple’s Passbook function is the NFC’s perfect partner, Apple iPhone5 does not contain the technology. The Passbook is used to store membership cards, gift cards, and a boarding pass and a baseball game tickets and other information. In an interview, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller said, Passbook can complete the majority of customers required services alone without using the existing merchant payment system.

Schiller said, it is not clear if NFC can become the solutions to solve any current problems, “Passbook can do various things customers currently need.”

As for wireless charging, Schiller said the wireless charging system still need access to a wall plug base, so therefore it’s unclear how much additional convenience it can bring. At the same time, the widely applicable USB charging interface, is not only able to plug into a plug base on the wall, but also can be used on the plane or the computer. He said: “We must develop another equipment that connects to plug base on the wall, in most cases it’s actual more complex.”

As for why the company changed the connector which almost all iPhone and iPod devices released since 2003 have, Schiller said, just because if the interface is not changed, then they can not develop products as thin as the new iPhone and iPod. Therefore, the new “Lightning” connector is launched.

Nevertheless, Schiller said that Apple did not change the connector. He said: “The new connector will appear many years later.”

Sep 122012

Apple’s next generation iPhone is coming soon, not only the operators in the United States are busy, but also the FedEx. Apple’s long-term logistics partner FedEx recently announced a company-level memo that there is an “unknown” major event on the 21st and staff leaving and travel are restricted between September 21 to 24.

Apple often schedules the date of new products listing on Friday next week, On Tuesday, October 4 last year, Apple released the iPhone 4S, and the Listing Date was Friday, October 14, so it is widely speculated that Apple iPhone 5 launched on Wednesday 12th Listing Date is Friday, September 21.

Sep 122012

According to foreign media reports, the most anticipated thing for Apple investors is iPhone 5 release this week, but do not forget, the latest version of the operating system software iOS6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod will soon appear.

The new operating system will certainly be installed in the iPhone 5, and the fastest 2 days later the existing equipment can be upgraded. In fact, we all know a lot of information about iOS6, because the company has revealed. On the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company announced some new features and improvements of the new version mobile operating system, .

In the conference, Apple senior vice president Scott Forstall introduced some important new features of the iOS software, under is reviewing his presentation.

Siri will have major improvements

The voice recognition software will be able to answer sports questions. Siri will also include Yelp and OpenTable in the results to find restaurants and reserve a seat. Siri will also integrate Rotten Tomatoes, and answer questions related to the movie reviews. Users can also ask questions about movie showtimes and trailer.

Siri can also start the applications, so that the user can access Tweet through voice.

Free watching function is a new feature which is designed to make it safer when driving. The company said it is working with car manufacturers to install a bootable Siri program button on the steering wheel on the conference. At that time, Apple said, within one year a number of car manufacturers will introduce this feature.

Siri will also add more languages, including English, French and Spanish version, Italian, French, German, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese version will also be launched in the future.

iOS6 will also be integrated with Facebook. Publishing content from most applications will be easier. The operating system will remember the login data, preferably to inform the center to integrate.

Sep 112012

According to sources, Apple has informed retail staff that they can provide a discount of $49 to users buying the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which is flat price with other sales channels discounts price. This means that Apple has the previous iPhone price cut $49.

The sources said that these channels include Best Buy, Target and Sprint Nextel retail. They said, Apple did not inform employees why offer discounts to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S buyers, and also did not give a suggested retail price after the discount. The U.S. tech blog MacRumors firstly reported the news.

Usually, Apple does not provide a discount in order to match the price of other retail channels, in addition to offering discounts to the education sector and businesses group purchasing, if there is no new products released, Apple rarely slashed prices on older products. The back-to-school season promotion Apple launched annually is an exception, in the meantime, as long as the students purchase a Mac computer and iPod music player, they can get a discount up to $199.

Currently, the outside generally believes that Apple is about to release a new generation of iPhone which will be equipped with a thinner and longer screen, and will also support a series of other new features.

Sep 072012

According to South Korea “Central Daily”, Apple will launch its new model iPhone 5 on September 12, but Apple replaced most of the part devices produced by Samsung in this phone.

Apple will use memory chips or display produced by Samsung Electronics Company in the new iPhone, SK Hynix, Elpida Memory and Toshiba were chosen to provide memory chips for Apple new iPhone, LG and Japan display companies were selected to supply LCD.

But the industry thinks Apple is difficult to completely cut off transactions with Samsung. At the beginning of this year, Apple had tried to change the “New iPad” panel supplier to Sharp and LG Display, but it suffers due to the quality of the two companies products. British IT specialist fund manager Van·luogaupp thinks that, as the quality of parts directly impacts on product quality, it’s expected Apple is difficult to completely sever trading cooperation with Samsung.

Previously, in the iPhone product, parts accounting for 40% of product total price are provided by Samsung. The semiconductor parts scale Apple bought from Samsung Electronics in 2011 was approximately 10 trillion won, equivalent to 6% of Samsung Electronics sales.

Sep 062012

According to media reports, the South Korean antitrust agency the Fair Trade Commission announced on Thursday that the committee is working on the investigation which Apple sued Samsung Electronics has abused its dominant position in wireless technology field.

Currently, Samsung Electronics and Apple are processing patent infringement litigation in 10 countries, because the two companies are fighting for the flourishing smart phone market share. In August this year, a jury in San Jose, California federal court ruled that Samsung Electronics copied the key features of Apple’s iPhone, and ruled that Samsung Electronics need to pay Apple $1.05 billion in compensation. The jury also ruled that Apple did not infringe Samsung Electronics patent.

The Fair Trade Commission is currently investigating whether Samsung Electronics abused its rule on the wireless technology patents and unfairly compete in the market. The Fair Trade Commission officials said at the beginning of this year, Apple submitted the complaint.

Samsung Electronics committed in 1998 that they will be fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory to have it’s own 3G patents licensed to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Samsung Electronics has repeatedly said that the company has been assumed office its commitment to reasonably authorize its patents related to telecommunications standards.

Sep 042012

According to media reports, Apple’s OS X operating system on network usage has exceeded Microsoft Windows Vista system, and the Windows 7 system also exceeded Windows XP for the first time to become the world’s highest share operating system.

According to the latest desktop operating system share data that Net Applications released, the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system’s tracking network usage amount fell to 6.15% in August, while Apple’s latest released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion system network usage share rose to a 1.34 %.

Apple’s most popular Mac operating system is still OS X 10.7 Lion system, its network usage share is 2.29%. Plus Snow Leopard (network usage share of 2.23%) and Leopard (network usage share of 0.65%), the sum of the network usage share of the OS X operating system is 6.51%, which is more than the share of the Windows Vista system.

OS X 10.4 Tiger system, released in April 2005, is also in Net Applications list and its network usage share is 0.15%.

If the iPad and iPhone are also counted, Apple devices share will certainly be larger. Net Applications found that iPad accounted for 3.37% network traffic, and the iPhone network traffic share is 2.42%.

In other mobile platforms, Google Android 2.3 system’s share is 1.02%, 0.48% for the Android 4.0 system’s share, Android 2.2 system’s share is 0.21% and 0.18% share of the BlackBerry system, 0.16% share for Apple’s iPod. Kindle Fire share is the smallest, which is only 0.04%.

Microsoft Windows 7 system exceeds the XP system for the first time to become the highest share operating system, its market share is 38.54%, the XO system market share is 38.46%. The Windows 8 system also enters the Net Applications’s statistical chart, it is now in the testing phase and the market share is 0.21%.

Aug 242012

According to media reports, Apple submitted new patent application to the U.S. Patent and USPTO, including Thunderbolt ultra-high-speed transmission interface, tactile feedback, etc..

Thunderbolt ultra-high-speed transmission interface: According to the patent application documents, this technology makes the Thunderbolt interface able to deliver better networking capabilities and allow data to go through each equipment. Currently, Apple uses the Thunderbolt interface technology on the Mac, while it’s still applied in its Thunderbolt display.

The tactile feedback: This technology allows the touch-screen devices such as the iPhone and iPad users to have relevant touch feeling when touch the specific items, it can run on the keystogether with other applications by a linear vibration monitoring.

In addition, Apple also submitted the improved iSight Webcam patent application, and Samsung’s Flash memory related patent applications.

In March this year, the U.S. technology blog BusinessIsider gave a survey on global 21 technology giants patent number, which Apple had only 4649 patents, ranked 15. The top three are IBM, Samsung and Canon.