Mar 122013

It seems that a lot of people are very interested in the larger size screen iPhone, in fact, Apple has had this “big screen” model for long time, which is the iPhone prototype used to develop in early stage. It is reported by the Ars Technica recently, it has a 5×7 inch large screen, as well as all unimaginable elements.

As you can see, above this 5×7-inch (diagonal size of 10 inches, similar to the iPad screen) there are full-size USB, VGA and even the RJ-45 cable interface. And it is possible to be the evidence that Apple early developed tablet eventually turned to the iPhone.

In addition, this prototype is with the ARM A9 chip Samsung produced, while the first-generation iPhone is with the 600MHZ Samsung ARM11 processor. Anyway, it looks like a motherboard.

Dec 282012

Are you sure this is not an iPad mini? The above figure is an Apple iPad 5 photo that recently explosured on IT media, but it looks exactly the same with the iPad mini that just released less than two months. As there is no reference as comparison, the size of the product in the photo can not be determined, it can only be seen from the photo details that the iPad 5 uses the same aluminum alloy.

It has been reported that iPad 5 may be released in March next year, the time can be exact as Apple released the new iPad in March 2012. The iPad 5 appearance, in addition to be very similar with the iPad mini,  it also has the iPhone’s ultra-thin style, the thickness can be 9.4mm or less, which will completely change the trend that two generations of iPad thickness increase.

Although the message is not confirmed, if the message that Japanese media Macotakara reported is true, then Apple should have started to begin preparations for iPad 5 release, even through there are still a few months time, but it is inevitable there will be a variety of real machine parameters and photo leaked during these days.

Dec 272012

Message from the supply chain that Apple is researching Bluetooth smart watches, it’s designed by Intel and it is expected to be listed in the first half of next year. The supply chain said Intel is designing Bluetooth smart watches for Apple, this product uses RiTdisplay 1.5-inch OLED screen, rhenium ocean OGS and Encore indium tin oxide transparent conductive glass.

The news that this product will use together with the iPhone, and the listing date is selected in the first half of next year. After the listing of this product, it will enter  into Apple’s global store in the next year.

In fact, the Bluetooth Smart Watch is not a fresh product, and it is a product that can interconnect with smartphone. Sony has launched a similar product, and it’s named as SmartWatch.

Sony Smart Watch is unable to answer the call with the watch. According to insiders, Apple’s smart watches will be able to answer the phone and directly interconnect with the iPhone. The reason why it can achieve this instruction is that most of the smart phones have voice Assistant function, such as Apple’s Siri.

Dec 202012

According to media reports, the US Patent and Trademark Office this week approved a patent application filed by Apple in 2007, which is for Apple’s first generation iPhone design patent, Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs and the chief designer Jony Ivy had been involved in the design.

This U.S. Patent No. is No.D672769, and the patent name is “electronic device”. The design patent also attached with the picture of the first generation iPhone.

The first-generation iPhone uses the aluminum backplane, the iPhone 5 Apple released this year again uses this design, the iPhone 5 is also equipped with a metal backplane. The products between the first-generation iPhone and iPhone 5 are with other materials backplane, among which the iPhone 3G and 3GS use plastic backplane, while the iPhone 4 and 4S uses glass back.

The basic design of the first generation is also very similar with the latest version iPhone. Each generation iPhone is equipped with a homepage button at the bottom of the screen, headphone jack is at the top, volume control is designed in the left side, the lock screen button is at the right side of the top, the camera is in the real, while the speaker, microphone, and data/charging ports are at the bottom.

The first generation iPhone was released in January 2007 by Steve Jobs at Macworld show, and eventually began selling in June the same year.

Since then, each generation iPhone has achieved good sales performance, Apple’s sales continue to break the previous record. Now, Apple releases a new iPhone every year. And the IPhone 5 released this year for the first time to extend the display to 4 inches.

Dec 182012


What kind of performance will there be for Apple in 2012? There following are the top five forecasts the American CNET made.

1. The advent of 1.Apple TV

Same with the IPad and iPhone, the Apple TV has had a lot of rumors before the launch. As the saying goes, where there is smoke there is fire, the launch of Apple TV will become a hot topic in 2013.

It remains uncertain that what the Apple TV will look like. Apple has produced its own set-top boxes, but it does not fit to plug in cable television cable. On the contrary, its main purpose is to connect Apple’s digital stores and third-party streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. In 2013, Apple is expected to launch a full-fledged Apple TV, but the premise is to create a better set-top box which is able to receive television programs and have basic control functions.

2. To live in peace with competitors

The 2012 is an unrest year for Apple, while the 2013 will be the year of peace, which we have seen between Apple and HTC. Then, such peace, of course, can also be implemented in Apple and other competitors (especially Samsung and Google).

3. “IRadio” streaming music service launched

It has been years since the rumor that Apple will launch iRadio streaming music services, but there has been no more information. At the same time, competitors such as Spotify and Rdio have already significantly been ahead in the field.

Apple products have been to act as a platform in the past few years to allow many companies sell their application. BUt Apple slowly increase more functionality for iTunes through iCloud.

Sources told CNET, Apple with three major record companies trading negotiations still “nowhere near enough.” However, this does not rule out the possibility that Apple use its huge cash reserves in the next year, the possibility of completing the transaction.

4. Apple map improvement

In 2012, the launch of the Apple Maps application and mistakes bring great embarrassment to Apple. In 2013, Apple map must have some improvements, but please do not expect it to completely change overnight.

5. Siri mature

It has been more than a year since Apple introduced Siri. But Apple still has some tough work to do about Siri. In IOS6 system, Apple has added some new tricks to Siri. Next, Apple will greatly enhance the speed of Siri, and integrates more third-party applications and services. In addition, there are indications that Apple will have more products equipped with Siri, such as Mac and Apple TV.

Dec 132012

The news from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently testing the Apple TV set design. The company has Apple TV “Hockey puck” device, which allows the content of iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet computer displayed on the screen in the home, and there are a wide variety of services.

It seems to get closer and closer, “although it is not an official product, it’s in the early stages of the test.” According to insiders, Foxconn invested and portfolio Sharp big screen factory in Japan SAKAI city.

Sharp factories is mainly for the 60 inches or more large screen size manufacturing, Foxconn investson it and gives half of the orders for large-size screen support. For example, Foxconn has assembled Vizio 60-inch big screens, so they also have a TV production experience, and we all know it has been in production of iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet computer, so at this point, Apple is likely to have Foxconn to produce Apple TV.

It is reported that a few years ago Apple has been doing tests on TV products, but rumors and pressure did not as ferocious as this time, the authenticity of the message still needs to be examined further, but we expect to see the birth of the Apple TV .

Dec 052012

The U.S. investment firm analyst Shaw Wu said in a report, the Apple iPhone 5 production has been improved, and it is expected in the holiday shopping season when Apple’s current fiscal quarter, iPhone sales is likely to exceed the Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

Shaw Wu released the latest research report and said: “In Apple current quarter ended December, iPhone sales is likely to exceed Wall Street analysts expectations which seem a little radical, that is, about 45 million and 46 million units.” In other words, he expects Apple’s iPhone sales in the current quarter will be over 46 million units.

Industry has pointed out, this is a major trend that needs to focus on. Just in the last month, investors were worried that Apple could not produce enough iPhone to meet market demand. Now it seems this “wrinkles” have been “ironed”.

Shaw Wu also expects Apple’s Mac sales will be less than what Wall Street analysts have expected, due to the factors of constrained supply. In addition, the IPad mini sales performance will also not be as desired, the same reason as Mac. In other words, the reason why Shaw Wu raised Apple expected performance is that the iPhone will have a strong sales performance. He expects Apple’s current quarter revenueis $54.6 billion and earnings per share of $13.70, which is higher than Wall Street analysts expected average revenue of $54.4 billion and earnings per share of $13.30.

Nov 302012

According to the online edition of the Fortune magazine, the U.S. investment bank Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig recently said in a report, T-Mobile, the U.S. fourth-largest carrier may get the iPhone underwriting rights next week.

This news looks reasonable. T-Mobile has 33 million customers in the United States. The company recently increased the HSPA + network coverage which is compatible with iPhone in 10 metropolitan areas in the United States, approximately 1.5 million T-Mobile customers have started to use the unlocked version iPhone on the network to enjoy higher download speed than GSM.

“We recognize that the iPhone has been an important reason for the loss of many T-Mobile customers,” said T-Mobile COO Jim Alling.

But it’s strange that, last week T-Mobile COO Jim Alling cold the rumour that T-Mobile will be selling the iPhone.

“We also hope to cooperate with the iPhone,” he said at a conference in Barcelona. “We hope, however, the economic benefits to sell iPhone bring in line with our expectations.”

Merrill Lynch analyst Greg pointed out that, after working with the fourth-largest U.S. carrier T-Mobile, Apple’s carrier channels will cover 98% of the nation’s post-paid market and 75% mobile phone users.

“This partnership brings very limited benefit,” he wrote. He expected Apple and T-Mobile cooperation will make 2013 iPhone selling 4 million more at the base of 179 million, and also make Apple’s revenue increase 1% and earnings per share increase by 2%.

If the U.S. Department of Justice refused the proposal of the AT&T acquisition the T-Mobile with antitrust, T-Mobile customers may already be able to use iPhone last year.

Nov 292012

Chinese Taiwan technology site DigiTimes reported on Wednesday that Apple iPad mini and iMac sales this year may be lower than the initial target, due to the impact of the parts supply shortage problem.

Sources familiar with the matter revealled, Apple iPad mini display panel makers output is low, and the backlight module manufacturers are facing with the predicament of limited supply, these two issues will impact on this year’s iPad mini sales.

The source said that AU Optronics and LG are providing display panel for iPad mini, but the former has suffered production problem, which caused its shipping percentage dropped to about 22% from the original target of 40%. Earlier there were reports said, the Apple’s current quarter’s iPad mini sales target is 10 million units, but because of the AU Optronics production standstill sake, it’s expected its sales will reach 600 million units as much as possible.

At the same time, the production of the new iMac also suffered a delay. LG is responsible for the production of display panel for the new iMac, but the company had to create a new manufacturing process for large-scale production of such component. Sources said that LG can only provide a limited number of component, which will lead to the sales of the iMac blocked. The 21.5-inch new iMac will be listed this week, and the 27-inch iMac will begin shipping in December.

The sales of iPad mini and iMac should increase early next year, when suppliers will produce more parts for these new devices, thereby increasing their own revenue. At the same time, the suppliers parts output should be able to improve to help Apple complete the sales target in the first quarter of next year. But in 2013 there may be other supply problem, which will focus on the chip. It’s reported that Samsung is clearly unwilling to provide chips for Apple iPad and iPhone, so TSMC will face the pressure of increasing capacity.

Nov 232012

IBM’s research institutions IBM Benchmark released a report on Thursday, said the U.S. Christmas shopping boom started on Thursday, ended at noon that day, the online sales increased by 14.3%, on average, each order was valued at$ 132.57. Up to three p.m., IBM released a new report, the U.S. Thanksgiving e-commerce retail sales grew by 16.4% compared with 2011, other indicators had also improved.

Research firm comScore expected on Wednesday, during the Christmas shopping season this year, the nation’s e-commerce sales will reach $42 billion, a year-on-year growth of 14%.

IBM data showed that as of Thursday noon, the e-commerce sales in the United States grew by 14.3%, the average value of an order is $132.57. Users who used mobile devices to access retail sites accounted for 26.5%, while it was just 15.8% in 2011. Mobile device users visited an average of 7.13 pages.

Insiders said that the reason why the proportion of mobile users increased is that it will not destroy the atmosphere of reunion to shop via mobile devices at Thanksgiving family reunion moment.

The IBM data showed, the Apple iPhone is the most popular online shopping facilities, it promoted the growth of online retail traffic and it accounted for 9.6% of the online retail traffic. Second it’s iPad with a traffic share of 9.3%, while all Android devices traffic share is 7.3%.

Users not only browsed merchandise through mobile devices, the proportion of goods purchased via mobile devices is also up to 14.1%, four percentage points higher than 2011. In contrast, the so-called “social shopping” (shopping through social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest recommended) only accounted 0.2% of the overall online shopping sales.

Industry sources sais that two reasons may lead to this situation: First, the user is not yet accustomed to this form, second this e-commerce is still in its infancy. Most stores are out of business on Thanksgiving Day, so the e-commerce is relatively active.