May 092013

It has been a long time since we lastly saw the conceptual design of the iPhone, but just recently, the designer Arthur Reis released his latest design. Although it’s called the iPhone 6, but taking into account that the configuration of the device is only slightly upgraded, and perhaps it is more appropriate to call it as the iPhone 5S.

In this conceptual design, the iPhone 6 back cover has no change when compared to the iPhone 5, the front is not with much difference. However, the Home key design that we are familiar to has changed – the user can return to the main screen when touches anywhere at the bottom of the device. Basically, it looks like Magic Trackpad trackpad installed on the iPhone, and the Home key can be regarded as cancelled.

The iPhone 6 in the concept design is 20% thinner than the iPhone 5, which is only 6.1 mm. As it can be seen from the figure, the tagline is “everything proof”, which may mean that it has three anti-function.

Another noteworthy feature is that this concept version iPhone 6 is with a 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture lens, the sensory component is iSight Pro, which will further enhance the shooting performance of the device.

Mar 292013

According to technology news site SAI reports, Apple recently announced a patent design application. The main content of the design is that the next-generation iPhone will use all-glass, full-screen, full-transparent, and wrap-around screen body design.

The technology website Patently Apple which focuses exclusively on Apple technology developments announced this new iPhone design draft.

Patently Apple also summarized the main contents of this Apple technology patent: “Today’s technological innovation focuses on softness and wrap-around screen, which can use aluminum, glass or transparent design. This future iPhone design does not provide any physical buttons, so when the users want to adjust the volume of this iPhone, just simply hand hover next to the display, then you will be able to see the corresponding virtual control buttons. With its unique dual-screen design, this new body can also create 3D visual effects. Undoubtedly it is one of Apple’s most popular technological innovations this year.”

SAI said that this Apple patent application looks very good. It needs to be pointed out that, from past experience, Apple will apply for patents for its large number of new products and technologies, but after these patents are granted, there are a large number of patents never used into market products.

It can be seen that after Apple applied patents for new generation iPhone design, the cover could become the prototype design of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, but it can also be shelved, and will not be seen in real product in the market.

Mar 262013

Sharp has introduced an ultra-high-sensitivity touch screen, users can write on the display with an ordinary pencil or pen. In view of the partnership between Sharp and Apple, there are rumors that this display will be used in the iPhone 6. According to media reports, the touch screen sensitivity of Sharp newly developed touch screen is eight times than the ordinary capacitive display. And there are reports that a major feature of the next-generation iPhone is that it may be equipped with this new touch screen.

There are views that if the iPhone 6 is really able to be with the new touch screen, then its overall thickness may be declined further, thus to reduce the whole mobile phone weight. For the price driver smart phone market, product logistics costs account for a considerable part of the total cost, if the weight of each phone can be reduced, then the logistics costs can save down.

Sharp’s new touch screen can also be precisely operated even with gloves in winter, more importantly, it is the first touch screen that can use ordinary pencil or pen to write. The new touch-screen will be officially put into production on March 15, 2013.