Sep 212012

According to media reported, Acer and Asus Windows 8 Tablet PCs price are more than $800, about the same price with the high-end version new iPad. Market watchers worry that such a high price will be driving down consumer demand, and affect the performance of the vendors.

Although the majority of PC manufacturers including Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung and Sony publicly announced or showed their own Win8 tablet computers, but the price and configuration has not yet been announced. However, some sites have recently obtained leaked information about Acer and Asus Tablet PCs, including price and configuration.

Asus will release three Win8 models, among which the 11.6 inches Vivo Tab is priced at $799.

Acer will release two sizes Win8 Tablet PCs, among which the 10.1 inches 64GB and supporting WiFi version Iconia Tab W510 is priced at $ 827, and it will be priced up to $993 for the with keyboard version; the 11.6 inches 128GB WiFi supporting version Iconia Tab W700 is price at $1490, and the coming with Bluetooth and keyboard version is priced at  $1,570.

Acer and ASUS have refused to comment on the leaked price and said only that the product launch will be held in the near future. Intel has issued invitations that the Win8 tablet computer conference will be held in the United States on September 27. Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung and ZTE will showcase its own tablet PCs and removable models to promote Win8.

Sep 192012

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According to media reports, Twitter launched its 5.0 version iPad and iPhone applications and adopts a new user interface, which introduces a fresh view and a new stream of photos, and completely abandons the tool bar.

After the revision, the Twitter’s iPad application and iPhone application are consistent, at first glance it’s more clear than the previous version. The interactive load is quite quick, which reducs the options that confuses new users.

Twitter iPad application interface now only set Home, Connect, Discover and Me four tabs in the left border, when click on the tabs, it will not load label drawer like the previous version.

The information is also changed, now the title picture is used, which is very similar to Facebook’s Timeline cover Figure, the title photos and personal avatar are completely different, which appears in websites, mobile sites, iPad and iPhone applications. Twitter said, the title photos on iPad, mobile applications and is consistent, and users can also replace the title photos at any time.

The Photo stream is a new feature added in profile page, which can record the moment for users sharing photos on Twitter. This feature will also realize in Twitter’s official Android applications.

This is a small revision for Twitter, which is from the view of the forum aesthetic point, and no new features are added.

Sep 192012


In fact, so far Apple iPad mini is still just a legend. However, in the past period of time, we got the news from some seniors, which makes its presence more and more real. Now, message from two Chinese companies said the 7.85-inch iPad mini tablet is in mass production stage, this news is getting iPad mini closer and closer to us.

The Heshuo factory is now also responsible for the production of iPad mini, Foxconn is not Apple’s only dependent foundries. It is said, Heshuo got 50% to 60% of the total orders from Apple , while the remaining part will be given to Foxconn.

So far we know that the news iPad mini will be announced by the official in October, and will be in the store at the end of the year, to meet the holiday spending period.

Same with iPhone 4S listing on market, we have seen countless rumors, computer renderings and the real models. Now, a new real model appears and tells us what the Apple 7.85-inch tablet looks like. It seems that the new screen frame is finer, but because this is only a model, we can not determine the difference with the actual machine.

Sep 122012

According to foreign media reports, the most anticipated thing for Apple investors is iPhone 5 release this week, but do not forget, the latest version of the operating system software iOS6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod will soon appear.

The new operating system will certainly be installed in the iPhone 5, and the fastest 2 days later the existing equipment can be upgraded. In fact, we all know a lot of information about iOS6, because the company has revealed. On the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company announced some new features and improvements of the new version mobile operating system, .

In the conference, Apple senior vice president Scott Forstall introduced some important new features of the iOS software, under is reviewing his presentation.

Siri will have major improvements

The voice recognition software will be able to answer sports questions. Siri will also include Yelp and OpenTable in the results to find restaurants and reserve a seat. Siri will also integrate Rotten Tomatoes, and answer questions related to the movie reviews. Users can also ask questions about movie showtimes and trailer.

Siri can also start the applications, so that the user can access Tweet through voice.

Free watching function is a new feature which is designed to make it safer when driving. The company said it is working with car manufacturers to install a bootable Siri program button on the steering wheel on the conference. At that time, Apple said, within one year a number of car manufacturers will introduce this feature.

Siri will also add more languages, including English, French and Spanish version, Italian, French, German, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese version will also be launched in the future.

iOS6 will also be integrated with Facebook. Publishing content from most applications will be easier. The operating system will remember the login data, preferably to inform the center to integrate.

Sep 102012

According to media reports, the rumors that before Apple is expected to release the small size screen Tablet PC “iPad Mini” next month, Amazon upgraded the Kindle Fire last week . There are news that Apple’s “iPad Mini” screen will be 2 inches smaller than the 9.7-inch iPad products, and it’s aimed against Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab.

However, market analyst surprised that Amazon not only upgraded the existing Kindle Fire products, but also announced a very aggressive price point, and the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire able to compete with the large screen iPad.

In accordance with Amazon’s plan, the basic version Kindle Fire price is $159, $40 cheaper than the $199 Nexus 7. The high-end Kindle Fire is priced at $499, $230 cheaper than the iPad able to access 4G service. At the same time, according to Kindle Fire cheap data plan, consumers using the service will save $410 each year.

When the vast majority of Apple profits is from the sale of hardware products, Amazon’s business model is completely different – the company provides the hardware subsidies, which is designed to sell more contents and services to users. Amazon’s pricing strategy may attract attention of Apple and other tablet PC manufacturers managements.

The investment bank Sterne Agee said in a report, “We believe that the outcome of the game is that the Amazon’s very aggressive pricing strategy, will cease to profits of the Tablet PC manufacturers except Apple.”

Currently, Amazon has provided consumers with a dozen Kindle choices, from the cheapest $69 e-book reader, to the most expensive $599 64GB version accessable the 4G network Kindle Fire HD. Market analysts said, so many choices may cause confusion among consumers, but it also represents the strong product line.

Kindle Fire HD has not yet accepted evaluation,, and Apple is still ahead of other competitors in the number of applications. But Amazon’s action expressed that the company has launched a product that can compete with the iPad for the Christmas holiday shopping season this year

Sep 102012

According to media reports, Amazon said on Friday that the company will allow the new Kindle Fire tablet computer buyers to pay another $15 when buying a product to turn off the built-in advertising.

Amazon announced a larger size Kindle Fire Tablet PC on last Thursday, the price is between 159-599 U.S. dollars, and it’s planned to challenge Apple iPad’s dominance in the tablet market by the low prices and more digital content.

Amazon has said that the new Kindle Fire comes with ad called “special offers”, which is helpful to reduce the cost of the product. After the media reported that Amazon does not allow customers to pay to close the ad, criticism on Amazon flooded major online forums.

Last Saturday, the well-known technology blog, Engadget and technology website CNET reported that Amazon has changed its policy.

Amazon spokesman Kinley Pearsall said in an e-mail, “buyers can choose to turn off the ads feature at price of $15 for the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. We learned from users’ feedbacks, users prefer our advertising features, but there are very few people who do not like advertising. And we are willing to provide customers choose right. ”

Amazon announced the Kindle Fire HD without passing the audit of the Federal Communications Commission. But Amazon said the company expects before the release date November 20, the new products will be approved.

Sep 072012

According to South Korea “Central Daily”, Apple will launch its new model iPhone 5 on September 12, but Apple replaced most of the part devices produced by Samsung in this phone.

Apple will use memory chips or display produced by Samsung Electronics Company in the new iPhone, SK Hynix, Elpida Memory and Toshiba were chosen to provide memory chips for Apple new iPhone, LG and Japan display companies were selected to supply LCD.

But the industry thinks Apple is difficult to completely cut off transactions with Samsung. At the beginning of this year, Apple had tried to change the “New iPad” panel supplier to Sharp and LG Display, but it suffers due to the quality of the two companies products. British IT specialist fund manager Van·luogaupp thinks that, as the quality of parts directly impacts on product quality, it’s expected Apple is difficult to completely sever trading cooperation with Samsung.

Previously, in the iPhone product, parts accounting for 40% of product total price are provided by Samsung. The semiconductor parts scale Apple bought from Samsung Electronics in 2011 was approximately 10 trillion won, equivalent to 6% of Samsung Electronics sales.

Sep 042012

According to media reports, Apple’s OS X operating system on network usage has exceeded Microsoft Windows Vista system, and the Windows 7 system also exceeded Windows XP for the first time to become the world’s highest share operating system.

According to the latest desktop operating system share data that Net Applications released, the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system’s tracking network usage amount fell to 6.15% in August, while Apple’s latest released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion system network usage share rose to a 1.34 %.

Apple’s most popular Mac operating system is still OS X 10.7 Lion system, its network usage share is 2.29%. Plus Snow Leopard (network usage share of 2.23%) and Leopard (network usage share of 0.65%), the sum of the network usage share of the OS X operating system is 6.51%, which is more than the share of the Windows Vista system.

OS X 10.4 Tiger system, released in April 2005, is also in Net Applications list and its network usage share is 0.15%.

If the iPad and iPhone are also counted, Apple devices share will certainly be larger. Net Applications found that iPad accounted for 3.37% network traffic, and the iPhone network traffic share is 2.42%.

In other mobile platforms, Google Android 2.3 system’s share is 1.02%, 0.48% for the Android 4.0 system’s share, Android 2.2 system’s share is 0.21% and 0.18% share of the BlackBerry system, 0.16% share for Apple’s iPod. Kindle Fire share is the smallest, which is only 0.04%.

Microsoft Windows 7 system exceeds the XP system for the first time to become the highest share operating system, its market share is 38.54%, the XO system market share is 38.46%. The Windows 8 system also enters the Net Applications’s statistical chart, it is now in the testing phase and the market share is 0.21%.

Sep 032012

The tablet computer was named by the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, and applied for a patent. (For details, please consult the “Steve Jobs Biography”), Microsoft also envisaged, after Apple proposed, but due to the hardware level of technology was not yet mature at that time, and the use of the Windows XP operating system is designed for traditional computer which is not for the tablet operation system. Until to 2010, with the emergence of IPAD, the Tablet PC suddenly hot up. The iPad was released by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 27, 2010 in San Francisco, which made the IT vendors look re-focus on the Tablet PC. The iPad redefined the Tablet PC concept and design ideas, and achieved great success.

DisplaySearch forecasts as Intel and Microsoft fully support touch, tablet will be the fastest growing product among all the large-size touch products, the global tablet shipments was 79.6 million units last year, a substantial growth to 130 million units this year, next year it will increase to 190 million units, the tablet touch revenue scale  will reach more than $ 3 billion in 2013, which is almost equal to the laptop market size.

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Aug 172012

The iPad mini may become Apple’s first equipment using the indium-tin oxide (ITO) coated films on the screen. Indium-tin oxide is a conductive transparent material, and it can be used as EMI shield to reduce radio interference.

The report said that in Taiwan, a called Efun Technology Company as producing the ITO thin film flexible substrates, its profits doubled in recent years. ITO is a thin and very light thin-film material, and helps to reduce the radio interference to mobile devices, which can also be used for electromagnetic shielding.

The success of this company mainly comes from the use of ITO technology in the Samsung mobile phone devices, but the latest news that this promising company has been working with Apple to provide this technology for the iPad mini. The 7.85 inches iPad mini will become Apple’s first equipment to use Efun company ITO technology. Another source said that the fourth generation Apple iPad products will also use the same technique.

In addition to its ITO technology, it is learned that Efun also produces the microlens film on the LCD TV for the customer’s in Japan and South Korea. Among many Taiwanese manufacturers, Efun is the only manufacturer that produces the thin film. At the same time suppliers that supply backlight component for the IPad are suffering a short-term impact, because Apple has adjusted the iPad order to prepare for the release of iPad mini.