Aug 172012

The iPad mini may become Apple’s first equipment using the indium-tin oxide (ITO) coated films on the screen. Indium-tin oxide is a conductive transparent material, and it can be used as EMI shield to reduce radio interference.

The report said that in Taiwan, a called Efun Technology Company as producing the ITO thin film flexible substrates, its profits doubled in recent years. ITO is a thin and very light thin-film material, and helps to reduce the radio interference to mobile devices, which can also be used for electromagnetic shielding.

The success of this company mainly comes from the use of ITO technology in the Samsung mobile phone devices, but the latest news that this promising company has been working with Apple to provide this technology for the iPad mini. The 7.85 inches iPad mini will become Apple’s first equipment to use Efun company ITO technology. Another source said that the fourth generation Apple iPad products will also use the same technique.

In addition to its ITO technology, it is learned that Efun also produces the microlens film on the LCD TV for the customer’s in Japan and South Korea. Among many Taiwanese manufacturers, Efun is the only manufacturer that produces the thin film. At the same time suppliers that supply backlight component for the IPad are suffering a short-term impact, because Apple has adjusted the iPad order to prepare for the release of iPad mini.