Oct 242012

According to the blog site GizmoChina report, less than 12 hours after the Apple iPad mini released, a cheap copy version iPad mini called GooPad mini will be listed in November.

GooPad was once known as the best imitation of the 9.7-inch iPad, but it is not just satisfied with this. After Apple introduced iPad mini, GooPad mini followed it and gave us an unexpected price of $99.

Known as the cheap copy version iPad mini, but the configuration of this product should not be underestimated. GooPad mini is equipped with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and the latest Android 4.1 operating system, 8-inch screen, 8GB storage space, and supports for WiFi. GooPad mini has a 2.0 megapixel rear camera and a 0.3 megapixel front camera.

As clone knockoff, GooPad mini is not a bad product, it has almost the same size screen with the iPad mini and a similar processor. The most important thing is that it is only $ 99. When you buy iPad mini you should probably think about your wallet and then select GooPad mini as your Christmas gift.

Oct 232012

According to media reports, the well-known Apple news commentary blog Daring Fireball author John Gruber thought that the real name for iPad mini might be called iPad Air, and it will not be equipped with Retina display, while the sale price of this product will be lower than the current iPod touch.

Gruber thinks that the new iPad does not use Retina display, he explained: “Each new iOS mobile device has debuted with a non-Retina display, and then gone Retina two or three years later.” Graber said the Retina display is costive and it will make the latest iPad heavier and thicker, due to the extra power needed for the pixel-packed display. “I expect the primary attributes of the smaller iPad to be thinness, weight, and price,” writes Gruber. “A Retina display would make it thicker, heavier, and more expensive.

As for the pricing debate, Gruber thinks that the price of the new iPad will be less than the iPod touch. He said that “isn’t just smaller than the iPad – it’s miniature,” and technology is sometimes priced as “big is expensive, small is cheap, miniature is expensive.” In the UK market, the latest iPod touch is priced at £249 (32GB) and £329 (64GB).

For the naming issues of the new iPad, more people tend to that Apple will name it as iPad mini, but there is no evidence for this. Graber predicted iPad mini real name should be iPad Air, just as previous MacBook Air. His second guess is that Apple will just go with iPad, as it did with its third generation, and the iPad mini is the name he thinks is least likely.

Oct 222012

Apple’s conference will be held in U.S. time on October 23, when the long-rumored iPad mini is likely to be published. Although the market generally believes that Apple’s new iPad will be the protagonist of the conference, the latest news from French blog website iGen.fr, that Apple might also introduce an upgraded version of the independent e-book application iBooks iBooks 3.0 at the conference.

Recently, a named iGen.fr French Apple blog author said, in Apple’s digital book store, part of the books explicitly require to use iBooks 3.0 application – in the French comic novel “Largo Winch” page, the sidebar has description in requesting iBooks 3.0.

Apple gave developers and media publishers some control authority in iTunes store, so they can make some description, but the technology website The Next Web pointed out that this part of the overall application requirements is automatically generated content, developers can not change. This means that, taking into account the next week, Apple will release new products, iBooks 3.0 appeared in the Apple iTunes Store is not a printing error.

According to Apple’s sales strategy, the next version iBooks will focus more on the visual experience. Back in February of this year, Apple once added graphic novel partition in the iBooks store. And seen from the success of ComiXology, this partition performance is good. It is reported that there is news that Apple may want to increase the sales of textbooks through iBooks.

Oct 152012

According to rumors, the new 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro laptop will be lighter and thinner than the 15 inch Retina display MacBook Pro laptop  published in June. The new 13-inch retina display MacBook Pro notebooks will have two different configurations, mainly in the processor and hard disk size. It’s expected it will be officially sold shortly after released.

Same with the 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro notebook, the new 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro Laptop is expensive, in addition to the difference in Retina display, it also uses the processor running faster and USB3.0 technology.

The 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro notebook code name is D2, the code name of the smaller size of the 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro notebook is D1 same as forecasted this morning.

Oct 102012

According to media reports, Barclays Bank analyst Ben Reitzes published studies reported that Apple’s next revolutionary product is probable to be the TV remote control instead of the TV itself.

Reitzes said iPad mini configured with 7.85-inch display which can be used as a TV remote control, which will be one of the first products used to expand the potential market for iOS devices, “We believe that the iPad mini’s 7.85-inch display can be used for traditional media consumption tasks – such as reading books and watching movies, but as time goes on, Apple will have more ideas to iPad mini. Apple strategy secret is not TV, but the TV remote control ” .

Reitz said in the report, “With iCloud, we did not find the reason that Apple didn’t make the iPad become the TV interface, users can use the virtual keyboards to complete the basic computing tasks – e-mails, viewing calendar, surfing the Internet, editing photos and chating through iMessage. The iPad will become the Central Command of digital home one day, the home automation companies have been testing this idea.

Reitzes expects Apple will launch its own brand of high-definition TV, but he also warns that, before reaching a favorable licensing terms with content providers, Apple will not launch the TV products.

In August, there were rumors that Apple would provide a cloud computing DVR (digital video recorder) functionality set-top box to cable TV companies. It is reported that the negotiations are still in progress, it is expected at least to 2013 they will reach an agreement.

Reitzes reiterated Apple’s stock “overweight” rating and target price is $810.

Oct 102012

According to media reports, industry analysts estimate that the Apple upcoming iPad mini may be even better than the previous iPad products in the design.

It is expected Apple will release the legend iPad mini later this month, although Apple has not confirmed the existence of the product, there are more and more rumors about the product.

After the listing, iPad mini major competitors in the 7-inch tablet market are Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire. According to Apple’s supply chain industry sources, although the iPad mini price is relatively low, Apple has never cut corners.

Oct 092012

According to a research report that Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani gave to investors this Monday that he expects Apple will sell 21.6 million units iPad in the fourth quarter. However, this forecast is only for Apple currently selling 9.7 inches iPad.

Daryanani said, if Apple launch the iPad Mini in the fourth quarter, then Apple may sell 8 million units iPad, which will bring Apple $2,0 billion net profit. This will allow the iPad sales reach 29.6 million units in the fourth quarter.

At the same time when this forecast released, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Apple has ordered 10 million units iPad Mini Tablet PC for the fourth quarter. This new 7.85-inch iPad is expected to be launched this month and sold before the Christmas shopping season.

It is said that Apple’s overseas suppliers have begun production of the iPad Mini. This Tablet PC display resolution is expected to be lower than the current iPad Retina Display configuration.

Apple iPad Mini is expected to compete with the smaller size of the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and Barnes&Noble Noble Nook Tablet PC on price. In recent weeks, the exposured iPad Mini components showed that iPad Mini has black and white twp colors, there is a model with cellular connectivity, which can access the internet on the move.

Last week, there were rumors that Apple will be issued invitation on Wednesday (October 10) to hold iPad Mini media conference. According to the previous product release schedules, this product launch will be held a week later on October 17, and the products will be sold before the end of the month.

Sep 272012

According to media reports, technology news site examiner quoted analyst Paul Mueller reporter and said that Apple may be developing a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 iPad prototype.

Muller said he had communicated with three independent sources close to Apple, these three individuals agreed that Apple is developing widescreen iPad, and it will not be the rumored iPad mini, but a full-size next-generation iPad. Mueller also said within the next few weeks he will disclose more news about the widescreen iPad.

In view that the iPhone 5 has already been configured with widescreen display, it will be reasonable for Apple to use widescreen display in the iPad, but this idea is also problematic. The Tech blog site Gizmodo editor Jesus Diaz pointed out that, due to close to the paper, the 4:3 screen aspect ratio is more suitable for most tasks. The 16:9 screen aspect ratio is more suitable for video, but the video is not the most common use for iPad. However, since Apple launched the Airplay Mirroring, if the iPad screen aspect ratio is consistent with the user’s television, there will be a better performance.

The screen aspect ratio changes also face technical challenges, as it will affect the end-user experience. To increase the iPad size is unlike to increase iPhone size which is attractive, because its screen size has reached 10 inches, continuing to increase the size does not match most people’s expectations. Because the Lightning interface required space is less than the 30-pin connector, the feasibility to produce Widescreen is higher, but widescreen display means that the available display area decreases, the user experience will be affected.

Examiner reported that its sources said there is possibility that the Apple is developing the widescreen iPad, but the news can not be confirmed. It is worth noticing that Muller and Diaz have made mistakes in predicting the products of Apple and other companies.

Sep 192012


In fact, so far Apple iPad mini is still just a legend. However, in the past period of time, we got the news from some seniors, which makes its presence more and more real. Now, message from two Chinese companies said the 7.85-inch iPad mini tablet is in mass production stage, this news is getting iPad mini closer and closer to us.

The Heshuo factory is now also responsible for the production of iPad mini, Foxconn is not Apple’s only dependent foundries. It is said, Heshuo got 50% to 60% of the total orders from Apple , while the remaining part will be given to Foxconn.

So far we know that the news iPad mini will be announced by the official in October, and will be in the store at the end of the year, to meet the holiday spending period.

Same with iPhone 4S listing on market, we have seen countless rumors, computer renderings and the real models. Now, a new real model appears and tells us what the Apple 7.85-inch tablet looks like. It seems that the new screen frame is finer, but because this is only a model, we can not determine the difference with the actual machine.

Sep 102012

According to media reports, the rumors that before Apple is expected to release the small size screen Tablet PC “iPad Mini” next month, Amazon upgraded the Kindle Fire last week . There are news that Apple’s “iPad Mini” screen will be 2 inches smaller than the 9.7-inch iPad products, and it’s aimed against Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab.

However, market analyst surprised that Amazon not only upgraded the existing Kindle Fire products, but also announced a very aggressive price point, and the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire able to compete with the large screen iPad.

In accordance with Amazon’s plan, the basic version Kindle Fire price is $159, $40 cheaper than the $199 Nexus 7. The high-end Kindle Fire is priced at $499, $230 cheaper than the iPad able to access 4G service. At the same time, according to Kindle Fire cheap data plan, consumers using the service will save $410 each year.

When the vast majority of Apple profits is from the sale of hardware products, Amazon’s business model is completely different – the company provides the hardware subsidies, which is designed to sell more contents and services to users. Amazon’s pricing strategy may attract attention of Apple and other tablet PC manufacturers managements.

The investment bank Sterne Agee said in a report, “We believe that the outcome of the game is that the Amazon’s very aggressive pricing strategy, will cease to profits of the Tablet PC manufacturers except Apple.”

Currently, Amazon has provided consumers with a dozen Kindle choices, from the cheapest $69 e-book reader, to the most expensive $599 64GB version accessable the 4G network Kindle Fire HD. Market analysts said, so many choices may cause confusion among consumers, but it also represents the strong product line.

Kindle Fire HD has not yet accepted evaluation,, and Apple is still ahead of other competitors in the number of applications. But Amazon’s action expressed that the company has launched a product that can compete with the iPad for the Christmas holiday shopping season this year