May 272013

In just held CTIA (U.S. wireless communications exhibition) conference, Zagg released two cool Bluetooth keyboard accessories, which can be connected with the iPad mini, and then to operate iPad mini with the keyboard. (Suddenly become an untrabook?) Both Bluetooth Keyboards are named as ZaggKeys Cover and ZaggKeys Folio. Zagg said: the 6.3mm ZaggKeys Cover is the thinnest Bluetooth keyboard in the market. There are seven color backlight in the keys, each backlight can adjust three kinds brightness.

With ZaggKeys Cover hinge, users can stabilize the iPad mini from various perspective, which facilites text reading, watching movies and playing games. Under normal circumstance, it can have three months battery life. It currently has black and white two colors, and its price is $ 100.

The thickness of the other ZaggKeys Folio reaches 6.9mm, although a little thicker than the Cover, other configurations are almost the same as the ZaggKeys Cover’s, multi-directional fixed shaft, up to three-month built-in battery, the black and white colors and the same price of $ 100. Zagg revealed, ZaggKeys Folio will have more color versions launched in this fall.

Mar 292013

David Hsieh, vice president of NPD DisplaySearch in Greater China region, said on Thursday that Apple’s next-generation iPad mini screen suppliers may include Taiwan Innolux. The InnoLux and the Shenchao optical both have product certification from Apple, and they can supply touch panels for the iPad mini.

Earlier this week, the InnoLux touch panel sector director Yang Chiu-lien said the company will focus on smart phones and tablet PCs this year, the goal is to supply 7-inch display during the year. Since 2008, Innolux has been supplying the touch panels for the full-size Apple iPad. This year, the Innolux panels will have the touch-on-display technology, which will help Apple get rid of the problems of the iPhone 5 in-cell displays.

Although Apple and Samsung patent cases in the court are still irreconcilable, Samsung is still Apple many parts supplier. Apple is increasing the diversification of suppliers, and hopes to get rid of dependence on Samsung as early as possible.

Jan 252013

According to media reports, due to the listing of the lower price iPad Mini, the iPad average selling price fell sharply $101-467 USD in the fourth quarter of last year, a decrease of 18%. IPad average selling price for the fourth quarter of last year fell 8% compared with $508 in the third quarter. On November 2 last year, Apple started selling the iPad Mini, and the first weekend shipments reached 3.0 million units. Apple sells a number of models iPad Mini, with fares starting at $349.

The IPad shipments rose 48 percent to 22.9 million units in the fourth quarter of last year, more than 22% increase of the revenue. 22.9 million units of iPad shipments is in line with the Wall Street expectations.

Apple did not disclose the iPad Mini shipments. Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer have repeatedly said that the company was not able to meet the market demand. When it comes to the iPad Mini, Cook said, “We hope to be able to produce more iPad Mini.”

When asked the average selling price fell whether to disclose iPad Mini shipments, market research firm Technology Business Research analyst Ezra Gottheil said, “of which there are a large number of variables. IPad product line includes iPad Mini, iPad 2 and fourth-generation iPad, each product also includes supporting for LTE (Long Term Evolution) and various models of storage capacity. ”

Apple yesterday said to Wall Street analysts, the average selling price of the quarter is expected to continue to fall.

Jan 142013

According to foreign media reports, recently, an analyst said that Apple will update its iPad lineup in March and release the iPad 5 and iPad mini.

The Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believes that Apple is planning to adjust the product update cycle to once every six months, and the company will release the iPad 5 and iPad mini in March this year.

At CES 2013, White with a number of industry observers had discussed deeply and agreed that the Apple’s latest 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch Tablet PCs would be released soon.

In October last year, Apple had just released the iPad 4 and the first generation iPad mini, and the currently speculated March is only five months late of the October, the speed is surprising.

It is reported that, compared to the old version iPad, the new version full-size iPad tablet computer will be lighter and thinner, and will be configured with an improved A6X processor. On the other hand, iPad mini shape will remain basically the same with the first-generation iPad mini, but the internal configuration will have a great improvement, however, White did not mention whether Apple will configure the Retina Display in the iPad mini 2.

Jan 112013

Joy Factor has recently launched new iPhone battery and iPad and iPhone waterproof cases, Joy Factory said the battery life is twice than the previous battery, and the battery is priced at $79.99. The waterproof cases are used in the iPhone, iPad and the iPad Mini. If you only need waterproof, you can purchase the aXtion Go, while the aXtion Pro can be waterproof, dustproof and dropproof.

The iPhone aXtion Pro is priced at $ 79, the one for the iPad Mini is $99, and the one for the iPad is $159. The aXtion Go is relatively cheap.

Those products may be sold in February this year, and the specific circumstances are still not sure.

Jan 072013

There are reports that Apple is expected to release the updates of its five major products this year, including iPad mini, iPhone 5S, iOS 7 and the 55-inch Apple TV. Since October last year, the media has been discussing the Apple Radio, therefore the time of launching at the beginning of this year is not surprising. This free radio service is expected to be integrated into iTunes, to strongly compete with Pandora.

The Piper Jaffray analyst speculated that this service will be announced synchronously with other news in March. And the iPad mini equipped with Retina display may be launched in March, the current iPad mini display resolution is 1024×768.

By June in 2013, Apple is expected to launch iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S. The iOS 6 removed YouTube and Google Maps app, which makes users very dissatisfied. And the iOS 7 is expected to strengthen the e-money package services Passbook.

The analysts Gene Munster and Douglas Clinton think that, the iPhone 5S will be launched in September. But there are also reports that the fastest in June. The iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012, so was the iPhone 4S (in 2011). The iPhone 5S will look exactly the same with iPhone 5, same size and width of the screen.

In November 2013, Apple may launch the longly legend Apple TV. The analyst believes that Apple TV may range from 42 inches to 55 inches, the price ranges between 1500-2000 U.S. dollars. Samsung, Vizio, and Panasonic has launched the same size TVs, but the prices are all less than $1,000.

Dec 282012

Are you sure this is not an iPad mini? The above figure is an Apple iPad 5 photo that recently explosured on IT media, but it looks exactly the same with the iPad mini that just released less than two months. As there is no reference as comparison, the size of the product in the photo can not be determined, it can only be seen from the photo details that the iPad 5 uses the same aluminum alloy.

It has been reported that iPad 5 may be released in March next year, the time can be exact as Apple released the new iPad in March 2012. The iPad 5 appearance, in addition to be very similar with the iPad mini,  it also has the iPhone’s ultra-thin style, the thickness can be 9.4mm or less, which will completely change the trend that two generations of iPad thickness increase.

Although the message is not confirmed, if the message that Japanese media Macotakara reported is true, then Apple should have started to begin preparations for iPad 5 release, even through there are still a few months time, but it is inevitable there will be a variety of real machine parameters and photo leaked during these days.

Dec 142012

Google released the 2012 search list, from the list we can see in this year’s consumer electronics search results that the third-generation iPad equipped with retina screen ranks the first, the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Microsoft Surface are among the top ten. Every year, Google releases Zeitgeist list, and this year is no exception. The company obtained the various categories of the search list through the analysis of the 1.2 trillion search requests in 2012.

The following is top ten consumer electronic products with the most search range on Google in 2012:

1, the third-generation iPad

The retina screen brings amazing ultra-high resolution for the iPad. The clarity and brightness of games and movies are outstanding, and it brings new vitality to the boring Tablet PC display market.

2, Samsung Galaxy S III

The phone seems to be the standard of the Android camp, even been honoured as iPhone in Android family.

3, iPad mini

The 7.9-inch iPad mini has become the most cared Tablet PC this year. Its function is identical with the full size iPad, just slightly smaller.

4, Google Nexus 7

As Google’s first tablet computer, the Nexus emulated the Amazon Kindle Fire strategy. However, Google cooperated with Asus closely and personally involved in the design and then launched such a Google 7-inch device that truly meets the requirements.

5, Samsung Galaxy Note II

It is a tablet computer and mobile phone hybrid product. And it is definitely the best choice for people who like big-screen phone.

6, Sony’s new PlayStation 3

Sony has slimmed the PlayStation 3, and lowered the price. Itis not easy to keep the heat and competitiveness on such a game system released six years ago.

7, iPad 4

It is the latest full-size iPad, the configuration is upgraded and the retina screen is retained. This product also uses the latest lightning interfaces, so the original cable can not be used, which makes a lot of people unhappy.

8, Microsoft Surface

Microsoft enters the Tablet PC market this year by virtue of Surface, due to the use of the latest Windows RT system, it becomes the first choice for users who concerns the office and portable.

9, Kindle Fire HD

As an upgraded version of the Kindle Fire, the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD price is from $299, with a clear price advantage compared to the $499 iPad. With Amazon’s huge content library, the product has become a real competitor for the iPad. In addition, the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD starts at just $199.

10, Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920, released earlier this year, is a flagship Windows Phone device. It is elegant, the camera is also improved, and it’s even with wireless charging function.

Dec 052012

The U.S. investment firm analyst Shaw Wu said in a report, the Apple iPhone 5 production has been improved, and it is expected in the holiday shopping season when Apple’s current fiscal quarter, iPhone sales is likely to exceed the Wall Street analysts’ expectations.

Shaw Wu released the latest research report and said: “In Apple current quarter ended December, iPhone sales is likely to exceed Wall Street analysts expectations which seem a little radical, that is, about 45 million and 46 million units.” In other words, he expects Apple’s iPhone sales in the current quarter will be over 46 million units.

Industry has pointed out, this is a major trend that needs to focus on. Just in the last month, investors were worried that Apple could not produce enough iPhone to meet market demand. Now it seems this “wrinkles” have been “ironed”.

Shaw Wu also expects Apple’s Mac sales will be less than what Wall Street analysts have expected, due to the factors of constrained supply. In addition, the IPad mini sales performance will also not be as desired, the same reason as Mac. In other words, the reason why Shaw Wu raised Apple expected performance is that the iPhone will have a strong sales performance. He expects Apple’s current quarter revenueis $54.6 billion and earnings per share of $13.70, which is higher than Wall Street analysts expected average revenue of $54.4 billion and earnings per share of $13.30.

Nov 292012

Chinese Taiwan technology site DigiTimes reported on Wednesday that Apple iPad mini and iMac sales this year may be lower than the initial target, due to the impact of the parts supply shortage problem.

Sources familiar with the matter revealled, Apple iPad mini display panel makers output is low, and the backlight module manufacturers are facing with the predicament of limited supply, these two issues will impact on this year’s iPad mini sales.

The source said that AU Optronics and LG are providing display panel for iPad mini, but the former has suffered production problem, which caused its shipping percentage dropped to about 22% from the original target of 40%. Earlier there were reports said, the Apple’s current quarter’s iPad mini sales target is 10 million units, but because of the AU Optronics production standstill sake, it’s expected its sales will reach 600 million units as much as possible.

At the same time, the production of the new iMac also suffered a delay. LG is responsible for the production of display panel for the new iMac, but the company had to create a new manufacturing process for large-scale production of such component. Sources said that LG can only provide a limited number of component, which will lead to the sales of the iMac blocked. The 21.5-inch new iMac will be listed this week, and the 27-inch iMac will begin shipping in December.

The sales of iPad mini and iMac should increase early next year, when suppliers will produce more parts for these new devices, thereby increasing their own revenue. At the same time, the suppliers parts output should be able to improve to help Apple complete the sales target in the first quarter of next year. But in 2013 there may be other supply problem, which will focus on the chip. It’s reported that Samsung is clearly unwilling to provide chips for Apple iPad and iPhone, so TSMC will face the pressure of increasing capacity.