Mar 012013

The U.S. electronics dismantling site iFixit announced the Tablet PC maintenance difficulty ranking, the Microsoft Surface Pro ranked at the end, which is the most difficult to repair Tablet PC. iFixit rated to the most popular products, the full mark is 10 points, the higher score, the more easily to disassemble and repair. Among them, the Dell XPS 10 topped the list with 9 points.

Apple and Microsoft product rankings are at the end on the list. The Surface RT score is only 4 points, because this product is very difficult to take apart. The iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and the iPad mini are all 2 points, also because they are difficult to disassemble. However, the last one in the list is the latest released Surface Pro, which just gets 1 point.

iFixit published an evaluation of the difficulty of dismantling of electronic products long ago, but they have never concerntrated to list them. The spokesman for the site said: “We can not list all the Tablet PCs, but this list is a good start, we must disassemble a Tablet PC to give ratings, so with more dismantling activities, we will also add more hardware devices. We hope to encourage manufacturers to develop more durable abd easier to repair products to win everyone’s favor through user voting. “