Dec 192012

Recently, the Windows Phone 8 has become the new darling of the mobile operating system, the topic heat has even cought up with Android and iOS mobile operating system. The major mobile phone manufacturers have hurried to launch their own phones equipped with Windows Phone 8.

Samsung is no exception. According to the latest news, Samsung first Windows Phone 8 mobile phone ATIV S has obtained the network license, which means Samsung ATIV S last obstacle to release in the domestic market has been swept away.

Samsung ATIV S is equipped with 4.8-inch 720P Super AMOLED display which is the largest size among the WP8 phones, 1.9 million front camera and 8.0 million rear camera, the built-in storage space has 16GB and 32GB versions, and it supports microSD card expansion, NFC , Bluetooth 3.0 and some other functions. It is expected to be listed at the end of this year or January next year.

It is reported that the date when Samsung ATIV S gained the certification is December 13 this year, and the network license is WCDMA version. This phone also supports WCDMA, GSM (GPRS) signal systems.

Dec 182012


What kind of performance will there be for Apple in 2012? There following are the top five forecasts the American CNET made.

1. The advent of 1.Apple TV

Same with the IPad and iPhone, the Apple TV has had a lot of rumors before the launch. As the saying goes, where there is smoke there is fire, the launch of Apple TV will become a hot topic in 2013.

It remains uncertain that what the Apple TV will look like. Apple has produced its own set-top boxes, but it does not fit to plug in cable television cable. On the contrary, its main purpose is to connect Apple’s digital stores and third-party streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. In 2013, Apple is expected to launch a full-fledged Apple TV, but the premise is to create a better set-top box which is able to receive television programs and have basic control functions.

2. To live in peace with competitors

The 2012 is an unrest year for Apple, while the 2013 will be the year of peace, which we have seen between Apple and HTC. Then, such peace, of course, can also be implemented in Apple and other competitors (especially Samsung and Google).

3. “IRadio” streaming music service launched

It has been years since the rumor that Apple will launch iRadio streaming music services, but there has been no more information. At the same time, competitors such as Spotify and Rdio have already significantly been ahead in the field.

Apple products have been to act as a platform in the past few years to allow many companies sell their application. BUt Apple slowly increase more functionality for iTunes through iCloud.

Sources told CNET, Apple with three major record companies trading negotiations still “nowhere near enough.” However, this does not rule out the possibility that Apple use its huge cash reserves in the next year, the possibility of completing the transaction.

4. Apple map improvement

In 2012, the launch of the Apple Maps application and mistakes bring great embarrassment to Apple. In 2013, Apple map must have some improvements, but please do not expect it to completely change overnight.

5. Siri mature

It has been more than a year since Apple introduced Siri. But Apple still has some tough work to do about Siri. In IOS6 system, Apple has added some new tricks to Siri. Next, Apple will greatly enhance the speed of Siri, and integrates more third-party applications and services. In addition, there are indications that Apple will have more products equipped with Siri, such as Mac and Apple TV.

Nov 302012

According to media reports, the application analyst firm App Annie Intelligence recently published a report said that on a global scale, the Google Play store revenue growth rate is 311% YTD, while the iOS App Store growth rate is only 12.9%. However, the total revenue of the Apple App Store is still much more than Google Play’s, which is four times more than the latter.

The report shows that seen from downloads amount, the iOS platform’s is still higher than Android’s, but the leading range is not that obvious. Android YTD downloads growth rate is 48%, while the figure is only 3.3% of the iOS platform’s.

Analysts pointed out that the Apple App Store and Google Play Global revenue gap is still quite large, but the gap is narrowing every month, which provides more opportunities for the application developers to make money from Google Play Store.

If Apple’s application store revenue in October is divided to individual countries, the United States topped with the 33% proportion, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia followed, while the rest countries contributed 44% revenue together.

As to the Google Play revenue, Japan exceeds the United States with the 29% proportion, the latter revenue ratio is 26%. South Korea and the United Kingdom followed, and the remaining countries contributed 23% revenue together.

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Nov 282012

According to German site gHacks reports, laptop manufacturers have directly embedded Windows product key into the motherboard BIOS, so when reinstall the operating system it can be directly activated without entering it.

Users who recently purchased Windows 8 notebooks may find that the label printed with Windows key on the back no longer exists, and also there is no additional explanation, then how to reinstall the system without the key?

The answer is simple, Windows 8 product key has been embedded in the motherboard BIOS, it will automatically recognize and automatically activate the system when reinstall the system.

For Microsoft and OEM manufacturers, it will limit the system key to spread unchecked to some extent, and also for brand users, they do not have to worry about the loss of key, but it’s difficult to make piracy and the spread the Key.

It will be difficult if you want to install other operating systems or non-pre-installed version of Windows 8, such as your laptop is with the standard version Windows 8, but you also have a Windows 8 Pro OEM copy, if you install Windows 8 Pro now, then the laptop will still directly use the BIOS stored in the key without providing typing key option, eventually the loaded is Windows 8 instead of the Windows 8 Pro.

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Nov 212012

According to market research firm Digitimes Research senior analyst James Wang expected, global tablet shipments in 2013 will reach 210 million units, an increase of 38.3% compared to 2012, and for the first time it will exceed the same period laptop shipments. James Wang also estimated, the brand tablet PC shipments will reach 140 million units.

It’s expected that Google will maintain its growth situation in the tablet market in 2013 with its Nexus series, and become the world’s second largest tablet PC brand vendor, Google’s tablet PC shipments will reach 19 million units. Apple will continue to lead the tablet PC market, but its share in the global brand tablet PC shipments will be slipped from 60% in 2012 to 55.6%, and its global tablet shipments share is 37.4%.

Due to the burst of unbranded tablet shipments, it’s expected that Android will surpass iOS to become the biggest tablet PC market platform. Digitimes Research expected Android tablet PC shipments will reach 121 million units, an increase of 40.2% than 2012.

Digitimes Research also predicted that the global tablet PC shipments will reach 320 million units by 2015, among which the brand tablet PC shipments will be 220 million units, and the unbranded Tablet PC shipments will be 100 million units.

Oct 312012

According to media reports, after Apple had a suddenly substantial adjustment in the management on Monday, the company on Tuesday announced that it would postpone the scheduled iTunes software update release for a month time. In September of this year, Apple announced that iTunes software update would be launched in October.

Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr expressed:” The new iTunes launch time will be late than expected and we want to perfect the new version iTunes with a little time. The new version iTunes is easier to use, the interface is more refreshing and seamless integration with iCloud, it’s planned to launch before the end of November. ”

It is not clear ITunes if the delay of the software update release is related to Apple management substantial adjustment. Apple announced the iOS software executive Scott Forstall and retail store business executive John Browett will leave the office at the adjustments. The Apple spokesman Neumayr refused to issue on it significantly. However, it is worth noting that Forstall isn’t in charge of iTunes business during his tenure. After Browett leaves the office, Eddy Cue will share the duties of Siri and map services, and Apple will incorporate the company’s network services into a department.

The other hand, Apple’s recent mistakes in the map service resulted the CEO Tim Cook in personally making a public apology, so the company will certainly be extra careful in the release of the next product. The new version iTunes may include: better layout, improved performance, providing more convenient playlist creating mode, supporting full library search, improving integration with iCloud, and will launch a redesigned Mini player.

Oct 302012

While the WP devices is upcoming, Microsoft released free WP application in Windows Store application store, so you can synchronize your WP equipment and Win8 computer.

TO use this application, you can have the music, photo or video on the WP phone synchronized to the computer, reverser is OK. You can also use the Win 8 application to share (such as sharing search), to automatically save photos or videos on the mobile phones to the computer and check the use of the mobile phone storage space. In addition, you can also use it to download mobile applications and in-depth understand your equipment. If your phone is lost, you can also use it to track. The WP8 or 7.8 version phones can install this application.

This synchronization feature Microsoft launched also greatly made up the gap with iOS and other platforms. On June 7, 2011, Apple officially released iCloud cloud service on the Worldwide Developers Conference that held in San Francisco, the service allows existing Apple devices to achieve a seamless connection. Apple said this month that the company’s iCloud users has reached 190 million, an increase of 40 million from 150 million in July, an increase of 21%. The iCloud users were 125 million in April this year.

Oct 242012

According to media reports, the market research firm Forrester said in a report, affected by the Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems, smart phones and tablet PCs make Microsoft computing device operating system market share decline to about 30% from approximately 70% 4 years ago.

In order to reverse the decline of the operating system market share, Microsoft will release Windows 8 system later this week. The era of Microsoft’s dominant operating system market has passed and the operating system market will be divided by a number of companies.

Forrester vice president and principal analyst Frank Gillett said, “The operating system market will not be dominated by an operating system, or a company in future, Microsoft is too late to entry into the mobile market and has lost the dominant position.” Despite unlike RIM, Palm and Nokia slipped into a spiral, but Windows is no longer the king of the computing device operating system.

Windows market share decline was mainly due to large numbers of mobile devices running Android and iOS systems. Android will continue to lead the smartphone market, while Apple’s iOS software will continue to dominate the tablet market, Microsoft will continue to control the PC market.

Gillett said, “Despite a dominant position in the smartphone market, we believe that Google has missed the opportunity to develop in the Android Tablet PC market. The Android platform Tablet PC applications are not enough. Nexus 7 have some help, but there is no evidence that Google has had a major turning point in the Tablet PC market. Windows will have some success in the Tablet PC market, to reach 27% market share in 2016, due to the large PC user base, close relationship with corporate IT departments, Android Tablet pc is not strong enough. ”

Enterprises will be required to face three different types operating systems, rather than just an operating system of Microsoft. The main reason for this problem is employees use their own smart phones and tablet PCs in the workplace.

Oct 192012

According to media reports, the 20-year-old Nicholas Allegra is a student at Brown University, was also a hacker on the jailbreak community JailBreakMe website, last year he was employed by Apple. This employment relationship ended at the end of last week.

Allegra had a pseudonym Comex and he regularly published security vulnerability of Apple’s iOS software in JailBreakMe. JailBreakMe simplified the process to delete the Apple-installed protection features from the iPhone. Apple hired Alegra in August 2011 as a remote intern, but last week, Apple ended the employment relationship with Allegra.

“As of last week, after working for Apple for about a year, I no longer have an employment relationship with them,” Allegra said on Twitter: “As for why, because I forgot to reply to an e-mail.”

Allegra said in an interview with Forbes, it is an email to extend the employment, Apple would like to ask him to continue as the remote intern. As forgetting to reply the email, and he now has no chance.

“I am also not very pleased, but I do not want to make up, “he told Forbes and said: “So, so be it.”

The hacker now is very popular with high-tech companies. The hacker Charlie Miller famous for cracking the iPhone and MacBook Air was hired by Twitter last month. And the famous PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz was on short-term appointment with Facebook last year.

Oct 052012

According to media reports, the “Business Week” quoted two anonymous sources saying at local time on Wednesday that Apple is considering no longer using the Intel processors in Mac computers, but this change is clearly not “happen soon”.

“It’s very difficult to change the processor and it will not happen soon. Switching to the other processors will allow Apple desktops and laptops further distinguished from competitors configuring withIntel processor and running Microsoft Windows operating system,” the reports said.

Apple had the idea of giving up Intel processors in the past, but “Business Week” reported that Apple is currently still having such thoughts. Technology blog site AppleInsiderĀ  reported in 2010 that Apple had ever discussed with Intel’s main rival AMD about matters of future models of Mac computers changing the latter processor.

In the past, Mac is configured with PowerPC processor developed by IBM, which is a big difference between the Mac and Windows PC. In 2005 Apple announced that all Mac products would be switching to Intel processors, and the transition was completed in August 2006. Since therelease of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in 2009, Apple no longer supports PowerPC Mac.

Although Mac is configured with the Intel processor, but Apple’s mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad are not configured with Intel processors. Intel has been vigorously promoting the Atom processor, but tests show that Apple’s self-developed A6 processor performance is better than Atom’s.

If Apple abandons Intel, the AMD will be a possible choice, but Apple has made significant progress in development chips for the iPhone and iPad. Earlier this year, rumorsĀ  Apple considered to configure MacBook Series especially the MacBook Air with independently developed ARM-based processor.

The “Business Week” also reported that Apple late CEO Steve Jobs had considered to remove Google search service in iOS, but eventually he and Apple did not do so, as which woulf have a big impact on users.