Oct 172012

As we all know Google is developing new version Google Maps for the iOS 6, iOS has been pre-installed Google Maps since the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, until iOS 6 release, Apple replace Google Map with its own map.

Now through the developer benguid we got the first screenshot of the iOS 6 version Google Maps, and benguid said due to using vector-based map design, iOS version Google Maps is very smooth.

The iOS 6 version Google Maps supports two-finger rotation, the map can be rotated to any angle, and it can be perfectly adapted with the 4-inch big-screen on the iPhone 5. The above screenshot is shot from the early alpha version.

At present we do not know when Google will releas this Google Maps specially developed for iOS 6, but we will be the first time to follow up when obtain accurate news.

Sep 252012

According to media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone 5 sales has reached 5.0 million units. Cook also announced that it has 100 million iOS devices are running iOS 6, which means that in the 410 million iOS devices that have been sold, about 25% are running iOS. Apple just released the iOS 6 five days ago.

In the first 48 hours that IOS 6 released , partial developers said 25-35 percent iOS devices were running iOS 6, some other developers said 45%, even 49% iOS devices were running the iOS 6. The difference of iOS 6 penetration lies in the different number iOS devices, Cook said about 25% penetration rate was based on all iOS devices, including the no longer use and can not run iOS 6 iOS devices. Whichever method is used, the iOS 6 popularity speed is faster than the iOS 5, the iOS 5 penetration rate reached 21% after releasing 21 days.

For iOS application developers, it is very important, because it means that they are able to more rapidly support the iOS 6. Out of a variety of reasons, it will be increasingly difficult for the supporting the old version iOS. The new version iOS not only supports functions that the old version does not support, but also provides a lot of functions for developers, to enable them to more quickly improve and expand the applications support. The most attractive functions in the iOS 6 may be Attributed Strings and UICollectionView.

The Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android has been published nearly a year, but the penetration rate is only 20%.

Sep 212012

According to media reports, the ad network Chitika’s analysis institution Chitika Insights said in a report on Thursday, the first 24 hours after releasing, the Apple iOS 6 mobile operating system is installed in more than 15% of the compatible devices.

Chitika Insights said, earlier today, the iOS popularizing rate has reached the highest point of 16%, and now it is currently hovering around 15%.

The data showed that since the Apple released iOS 6 to the public , the popularizing rate is of rapid growth. Before the sharp increase, the iOS 6 penetration rate is much lower than 1%, mainly the developers were using the beta version iOS.

iOS 5 popularizing rate reached 20% 5 days after the release. If the current trends is kept, the iOS 6 popularity rate will exceed the iOS 5′s.

Chitika Insights said in a similar report, the first two months after release, Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean popularizing rate is only 1.5%. The Jelly Bean is only compatible with some phones.

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