Mar 272013

The figure display equipment manufacturer InFocus today announced the launch of a 55-inch touch screen AIO named “BigTouch”. The Aio machine is equipped with Windows 8 Pro system, it includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, and it supports all Windows 8 touch screen gestures, including the slide, click, zoom and rotate. On the hardware, the BigTouch uses Intel Core i5 processor, it has two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, Wi-Fi supporting 802.11n, two HDMI and 6 USB ports.

BigTouch provides a 120GB solid-state hard drive. The company upgraded version “Mondopad” will add new features such as video conferencing, digital notes, interactive whiteboard functionality, customizable interface elements, and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Edition.

The BigTouch is priced at $ 4,999, and there is no detailed specifications and price information of the Mondopad.