Dec 212012

As we all know, the early produced Apple 27-inch iMac supports to install Apple’s Boot Camp software. But recently, the latest 3TB hybrid hard drive version of the iMac can’t install Boot Camp on their computers.

Boot Camp is a software that allows users to use Windows 7 installation disk to install Windows 7 on Intel processor-based Mac system, after the installation users can run the “dual system” on their Mac computers and select different operating systems in different cases.

In fact, even if you can not use the Windows system, there are many applications that can perfectly substitute for the Windows system software in the Mac, the only troublesome thing is that some games can’t run in Mac system.

In fact, Apple has made a description on its iMac page, the current 3TB version iMac computer can not use Boot Camp. It is hoped that Apple can resume 3TB version iMac support on Boot Camp as soon as possible, because most high-end users really have the demand to have both 3TB and Boot Camp.

Nov 292012

Chinese Taiwan technology site DigiTimes reported on Wednesday that Apple iPad mini and iMac sales this year may be lower than the initial target, due to the impact of the parts supply shortage problem.

Sources familiar with the matter revealled, Apple iPad mini display panel makers output is low, and the backlight module manufacturers are facing with the predicament of limited supply, these two issues will impact on this year’s iPad mini sales.

The source said that AU Optronics and LG are providing display panel for iPad mini, but the former has suffered production problem, which caused its shipping percentage dropped to about 22% from the original target of 40%. Earlier there were reports said, the Apple’s current quarter’s iPad mini sales target is 10 million units, but because of the AU Optronics production standstill sake, it’s expected its sales will reach 600 million units as much as possible.

At the same time, the production of the new iMac also suffered a delay. LG is responsible for the production of display panel for the new iMac, but the company had to create a new manufacturing process for large-scale production of such component. Sources said that LG can only provide a limited number of component, which will lead to the sales of the iMac blocked. The 21.5-inch new iMac will be listed this week, and the 27-inch iMac will begin shipping in December.

The sales of iPad mini and iMac should increase early next year, when suppliers will produce more parts for these new devices, thereby increasing their own revenue. At the same time, the suppliers parts output should be able to improve to help Apple complete the sales target in the first quarter of next year. But in 2013 there may be other supply problem, which will focus on the chip. It’s reported that Samsung is clearly unwilling to provide chips for Apple iPad and iPhone, so TSMC will face the pressure of increasing capacity.

Nov 202012

According to media reports, it’s near to Apple’s original plan to launch the newly designed 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac Apple Computer in November and December this year. However, a report from the French website Macbidoulille said the new 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac Sale Scheme would be delayed until 2013, just message in yesterday’s post. But the 9to5mac denied the news and said the new version iMac will soon be listed in the scheduled time.

A message of the media 9to5mac said that the 21.5 ‘iMac products have actually shipped quietly in the United States and several other countries, and it is expected before the end of this month, the new 21.5′ iMac computer will be available on the Apple online store order and also in Apple retail stores.

And the 27′ version will be scheduled in December to meet with consumers, the 9to5mac insiders said, this high-end iMac is very likely to accept order at the same time with the 21.5′ iMac at the Apple online store. 9to5mac also said that the new version iMac is likely to have shortage situation, Apple CEO Tim Cook was to say: “For the iMac, I am afraid that we will be forced to do a lot of work, time is very tight for manufacturing equipment, I certainly hope that user’s needs on the iMac is very tight, but we are likely to face with a serious shortage. ”

Overall, the 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac equipment should be or will be in accordance with Apple’s plans to be listed in November and December, not as other media said to be postponed to next year.

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Nov 192012

The French website MacBidouille recently quoted anonymous sources said Apple might slightly postpone the listing date of the new AIO iMac.

It’s reported that, due to the manufacturing process of the new iMac is too complex, it may cause Apple to miss the sales season at the end of the year. The new iMac has a slimmer and higher strength body, the main production difficulties is the use of friction stir welding technology, two blocks aluminum body molecular seamlessly welded together through the high temperature and pressure process.

Sources said, the 21.5-inch version shipment will be postponed until next month, and the 27-inch version will still be on the market within this year. Compared to the previous generation, the new iMac volume is reduced by 40%, and there is no CD-ROM drive, and also it incorporates a new screen technology and integration drive.

Apple declined to comment on this.

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