May 062013

According to media reports, HP announced the new ProBook 400 series notebooks, which includes a 15.6-inch touch screen model.

HP said that compared to their predecessors, these new laptops will be thinner and lighter, they are 36% thinner and 18% lighter compared to the previous notebooks, these 5 notebooks are introduced for small and medium-sized enterprises, the screen sizes are ranging from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches.

It is reported that the 15.6-inch ProBook 450 is with a touch screen, which is the first notebook configured touch screen in this series product lines, other models also include the 13.3-inch ProBook 430, 14-inch ProBook 440, 15-inch ProBook 455 and the 17.3-inch ProBook 470.

HP claimed, according to the screen sizes, dosage and other factors, the battery life of these ProBooks is up to 8 hours, the starting price is $ 499, and they will be globally listed later this month.

HP’s product manager Kathy Nielsen said, these ProBooks will run Intel and AMD processors. According to the plan, Intel will announce the 4th-generation Core processor in early June, which is code-named “Haswell”, but Nielsen declined to disclose when the notebook chips will be upgraded.