May 212013

Desktop hard drive capacity is straight to 4TB, but the notebook hard drive is still struggling. Today, Western Digital’s Hitachi announced the launch of the world’s first 9.5 mm standard thickness 1.5TB notebook hard drive Travelstar 5K1500, while the previous record is only 1TB.

What’s more surprising is that Hitachi uses three-disc on the hard drive, single platter capacity is 500GB.

The hard disk is with SATA 6Gbps interface, 32MB cache and 5400RPM speed, the standby power consumption is only 0.5W, the noise is only 2.5 Bels, it can withstand the impact of 400G/2ms, 1000G/2ms respectively in self-protection and rest.

The TravelStar 5K1500 will be shipped in June, the third quarter will have the EA version (Enhanced Availability) and encrypted version, in which the former will enhance the stability to meet the needs of blade servers, network routers and video surveillance, the latter can meet the trusted computer Group (TCG) Opal storage Security specification.

Hitachi also stressed that the traditional hard drive will not be replaced by solid state drive, they will continue to invest in R&D of 9.5 mm and 7 mm notebook hard drive.