Mar 212013

We also saw a lot of accessories in addition to the real machine on Galaxy S IV conference, the most interesting one can be the GamePad, which can match the 4.0-inch to 6.3-inch devices, and it also allows media to predict Samsung Galaxy Note III will have a staggering 6.3 inches. Today the retail store MobileFun gives the price of $ 112.99, and it begin to accept consumers reservations.

Of course, the price may not be the final Samsung price, it may be a businesses event, but for whatever reason, it means that this Galaxy S4 game accessory will soon be listed, we can only hope that Samsung official price for this accessory is not very high.

Dec 132012

According to media reports, the hot-issues Samsung Galaxy S4 release time it determined and they will hold a special press conference.

For Samsung Galaxy S4 release time, there were media reports that it will be released together with the cheap version Galaxy note 2 on CES 2013.

Subsequently, there were media saying that the product released on CES 2013 has nothing to do with the phone, but Samsung televisions and notebook products, Galaxy S4 will not be released.

In this regard, the industry analyses, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung major products and Samsung will prepare a separate conference for it. The specific time is roughly scheduled for May next year.

Sep 172012

The Korea Times reported on Sunday, Samsung plans to release the next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 on “Mobile World Congress” (MWC) in February next year.

The report quoted the Samsung senior officials saying that Samsung plans to release the Galaxy S4 in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona next year and latest in March it will be listed in the world.

In May of this year, Samsung just released the Galaxy S3. Samsung IT and mobile business unit director Shin Jong-kyun said last Wednesday that the Galaxy S3 will be sold more than 30 million this year, Earlier this month, Galaxy S3 sales reached 20 million units.

The senior official also said Samsung Galaxy S4 release is only nine months time from Galaxy S3, therefore it is sufficient to inhibit the Apple iPhone. Last week, Apple just released a new generation of product iPhone 5, this Friday it will be the first listing in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

The senior official said, in the hardware specifications and software features, Galaxy S4 will be a most powerful smart phone of Samsung. Galaxy S4 will support LTE network, uses Samsung’s Exynos brand application processor and quad-core chip. Currently, based on different sales countries, Galaxy S3 sseperately uses the Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Galaxy S4 adopts the OLED screen, the screen size will become 5 inches from Galaxy S3 4.8-inch. It still uses Google Android system. The senior official said: “Samsung plans to upgrade once a year, Galaxy S4 is the first product implementing the strategy.”