May 272013

From the Nokia 808, Lumia 920 to HTCOne, Samsung’s main competitors have produced many “camera devices”, and Samsung itself has been busy in its own system and application innovation. However, after the Galaxy S4 official sales exceeded 10 million units, the Android camp boss also started actions in this field. Recently, the UAProf page appears a phone called Galaxy S4 ZOOM, which is Samsung’s camera weapon.

Seen from the disclosed information, the specific model of the Galaxy S4 ZOOM is SM-C101, the screen resolution is 540*960 pixels, and it’s powered by the ARM11 architecture processor. Although the overall hardware configuration is not high-end, according to previous news, the Galaxy S4 ZOOM camera function is very powerful, it’s with a 16 megapixel camera which supports 10x optical zoom, and also it has part of the Galaxy Camera Camera technologies. If the news is true, then the Galaxy S4 ZOOM absolute has the strength to compete with various flagship models in shooting.