Oct 312012

Affected by the hurricane and cancelled the live conference, Google released the new Android 4.2 system through its official blog yesterday, together with the system-based Nexus smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet. The Android 4.2 will be available on the market together with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 two hardware products, it’s expected that the Galaxy Nexus , Nexus 7 and other equipment will also be updated in the near future.

The Andrews 4.2 follows its 4.1 version name “Jelly Bean”, the latest operating system has high similarity with Android 4.1, the more important detail technical adjustments include Photo Sphere panoramic camera, Keyboard gesture input, Miracast wireless display shared, gesture zoom screen, as well as voice output and gestures mode navigation features for blind users. A major highlight of this set Andrews 4.2 operating system is that it supports the industry standard WiFi display sharing tools Miracast, which allows Nexus 4 to transfer audio and video to TV streaming. While the set-top boxes for the existing TV Miracast are expected to be available soon.

In addition, the published products online include the fourth-generation mobile phone LG Nexus 4 of the Google Nexus Series, which is equipped with a 4.7-inch 1280*768 resolution screen, LG True HD screen display technology, powered by Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, a 8 megapixel rear camera and it supports wireless charging. Another new product is a Tablet PC Nexus 10 made by Google and Samsung, it uses the latest Android 4.2 system, the screen resolution is 2560×1600 pixels, which is the highest resolution product in the Tablet PC market.

Oct 122012

According to media reports, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the ban of prohibiting Samsung Electronics sales of its Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

Previously, Apple won on the implementation of relevant bans on June 29 in the United States Court of First Instance. But Circuit Court of Appeals said on the 11th, the District Court of California abused the discretion , and decided to repeal the original judgment.

Apple has advocated in the lock-up application submitted to the District Court, the Galaxy Nexus infringed Apple patents may take away iPhone users, the ban judgment on the phone should be timely made before the end of this lawsuit.

The Court of Appeal pointed out, the evidence Apple submitted can not fully prove Galaxy Nexus relevant functions bring losses to Apple. The Court of Appeal said, Apple needs to prove Galaxy Nexus bring fatal loss for Apple, and that the considerable part is related to Galaxy Nexus infringement.

Aug 302012

Industry analysts confirmed that the new generation of iPhone (hereafter called the “iPhone 5″) does not support NFC (near field communication technology) function.

Earlier this week, there were rumors that Apple plans to add NFC chips for the iPhone 5, which means that the iPhone 5 will become a mobile payment device.

This message was originally from the Japanese blog, Macotakara, because they found a four-square component on the panel of the iPhone 5 spy photo, and guessed it is an NFC chip.

But hardware review site AnandTech subsequently published articles, after technical analysis, they got the conclusion that the square formation is not the NFC chip. The conclusion gets support of other people in the industry at the same time.

Therefore, this time the report that the iPhone 5 will support NFC coverage is still just a rumor. In fact, this is not surprising, since the beginning of this year this has been the third time with similar rumors.

Variety of Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus are equipped with a NFC chip for the exchange of information between devices, or for the secure mobile payment with the applications such as Google Wallet.