Apr 282013

Today to introduce you about an interesting camera history: the world’s first portable high-speed continuous shooting camera is actually a “rifle”. It’s invented by the French scientist ├ętienne-Jules Marey, and named as Fusil Photographique, or “photographic rifle”, and it was firstly debut in 1882.

During the First World War, the British trained the soldiers shooting with a gun-shaped camera Mark III Hythe Machine Gun Camera. This “rife” introduced today can be regarded as its predecessor.

Marey’s rifle camera was designed for shooting continuous picture of the birds in flight. Its continuous shooting speed reaches 12fps, and it can obtain a set of circular tacticpictures, each screen exposure time is 1/720 sec. Marey used it to study the motor behavior of the animals, insects, birds and even humans.

He aimed the camera towards the shooting object, and focused by changing the length of the gun tube and then continuously took 12 pictures. The whole device is very lightweight, so he could move after the subject in shooting – from this point of view, Marey also invented the way of pan.