Aug 212012

Touchpad gestures operation is commonly seen in the use of notebook, but the U.S. Synaptics intends to offer a better touch experience for the releasing Windows 8 system . Synopsys is trying to enhance the user experience, and today they demonstrated the latest ForcePad technology, which additionally brings touch enhancement on the operation of multi-point gesture touchpad, and also add supports for force detection.

ForcePad uses pressure track to replace the traditional mouse clicks, which can effectively reduce the thickness of the touchpad. Traditional trackpad only provides a certain intensity of finger sliding and pressing, but ForcePad will continue to adjust its own investigation on the user touches pressing efforts to adapt to the user’s habits and provide users with the best touch experience. ForcePad supports up to 5 points touch, and Synopsys provides developers with a five-point touch gestures operation to enhance the experience of Windows 8 and its applications.

Synopsys gave a very interesting example in force detection, fast-forward in the video file, there is no need to increase the fast forward speed by continuous click, users need only to press fast forward and then continue to press, you can achieve fast forward speed changes. Once the fingers let go, the video returns to normal video playback speed.

The company also introduced a new keyboard technology, which is mainly designed for ultrabook. Synopsys calls it as “ThinTouch”, the key process is reduced to 2.5mm. In addition, the entire keyboard layout contains capacitive touch original, you can process similar to the touchpad gestures operation on the keyboard touch. Due to each key is designed closer to the bottom panel, the keyboard backlight will seem brighter.

Synopsys said these two technologies will be on display in 2013 netbooks, but they didn’t mention when it will be listed on the products to be applied. The first notebook usingĀ  ForcePad touchpad technology will be on appearance on CES 2013, so please concern about the press conference in January next year.