Aug 152012

Have you read the Asterix comics that had this particular village chieftain who was always scared that the sky would fall on his head? Well, there are plenty of phobias out there in the world, but certainly having the sky fall down on our heads would be one of the least problems to have, with a zombie apocalypse having a far higher chance of happening. Well, a businessman from Yiwu, China, recently came up with his very own recipe for disaster survival – calling it “China’s Noah’s Ark.” At the other side of the doomsday escape pod had this label, “Atlantis” – plumbing new depths, perhaps?
Certainly the doomsday escape pod that you see above is nowhere near the original ark’s dimension as described, but this particular orange ball is said to be shock-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, and radiation-proof. Unveiled at a demonstration which was conducted on August 6th, where it was subject to a battery of abusive tests while the pod’s inventor Yangzong Fu remained inside as a vote of confidence as to the toughness of this escape pod. It measures 4 meters in diameter and tips the scales at 6 tons, where it will come with an asking price of $236,000.

Hopefully it will come with enough room for two so that the human race will be able to procreate and repopulate the earth in case there is an extinction level event.