Jan 102013

Dell officially released its Latitude 10 Tablet PC based on the Intel Atom processor and standard Windows 8 operating system for corporate users in October last year, but its up to $650 price makes many enterprises hesitated. Currently, Dell has decided to launch a more reasonable price reduction version Latitude 10 tablet – Latitude 10 Essentials for those business users who are on a limited budget.

According to reports, Latitude 10 Essentials will still be powered by Intel Atom processor, only the Wacom stylus stylus and removable battery design have been removed, currently the 64GB model can be ordered, and its price is $ 579.

In addition, Dell will also release the $499 32GB version Latitude 10 Essentials.

As a comparison, the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet based on ARM processor and Windows RT operating system 32GB and 64GB models minimum price are respectively $499 and $699.