Sep 182012

Previously, there were news that according to the latest report of Internet market research firm Net Applications, from August Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system market share for the first exceeded the Windows XP 42.52% market share with a slim margin of 42.72%. Adobe today announced the next generation Photoshop will no longer be compatible with Windows XP system.

“Photoshop team will publish a notice in advance, that is Photoshop CS6 (13.0) will be the last version Photoshop compatible with the Windows XP operating system, the next version Adobe will need Windows 7 or later operating system,” Adobe’s product manager Tom Hogarty said in his blog Photoshop.

It is unclear whether the Adobe new version Photoshop will restrict the user to install in XP system or completely incompatible with the XP system. Previously Adobe said that Photoshop CS6 was not compatible with Windows Vista, but users can still install and run Photoshop CS6 in Windows Vista system. But the situation is different, the reason why the Photoshop CS6 is still compatible with XP, is that XP has more users than Vista when it was released.

Tom Hogarty also pointed out in his blog:, the main reason why Adobe Photoshop CS7 is not compatible with XP system is this latest Adobe Photoshop software needs some of the latest graphics hardware interface supports, while these new graphics hardware interface is the Windows XP system does not have, especially the system graphics processor GPU hardware interface support. Photoshop development team said in the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system, Adobe Photoshop CS7 software will provide users with better operating performance and experience.