May 092013

Invited By the BBC Future, the Conran camera design company has recently re-created the digital product that we see everyday – obviously, its concept is unusual. The camera does not have the classic projected lens, but a big hole in the middle of the camera, and many small sensors array around it. Similarly, in order to have the strongly simplify the device, the camera is not equipped with a liquid crystal display, but it can be connected to smartphones via wireless technology.

All the settings can be physically manually set on the Conran camera.

In view of the people has been used to carrying mobilephones and tablet computers, so it is also reasonable to cancel the high resolution screen wchich is really power consumption. The camera can be connected to smart devices via Bluetooth, and instantaneously transfer images.

In addition, the camera is more like a film camera, because unless you go back home, or you don’t know the remaining number of shots.