May 152013

It’s reported that, this 5-inch BlackBerry phone screen ratio is similar to Samsung Galaxy S4, and it will be released in the next few months as its new flagship. Unfortunately, in addition to the screen size, there is no more specific configuration information leaked. After the battery life of the Z10 are criticized by users, it’s rumored Blackberry hopes to significantly improve the endurance performance in this phone.

If the message of the release time of this phone is true, then this 5-inch phone is likely to use Qualcomm’s new chip, which may either be the Snapgragon 600 adopted in Galaxy S4 and HTC One, or the unreleased Snapdragon 800.

However, taking into account the Z10 and Q10 are with the outdated Snapdragon S4 chip, maybe Blackberry may use the powerful but slightly behind the times S4 Pro on this phone.

Feb 282013

According to media reports, the Canada’s leading mobile phone retailer Glentel said: the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone sales in the past three weeks have exceeded the iPhone 5′s and the Galaxy S III’s. Glentel has 330 retail stores in Canada, which is the largest mobile phone retailer.

The BlackBerry company President and CEO, Mr. Thorsten Heins said in an interview with German “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, the clients positive feedback for BlackBerry 10 really made him excited, and the BlackBerry company has also increased BlackBerry 10 smartphone output. In addition, Heins also revealed that, in the new customers purchasing the BlackBerry 10 smartphones, many are iPhone or Android smart phone users, and the proportion of these customers in the BlackBerry 10 customers also exceeded the company’s expectations.

Jan 302013

January 30 is coming and the brand new BlackBerry BB10 system will be formally released, after a long time preparation, Blackberry BB10 will finally meet us. With the release of BB10, the BlackBerry brand new model Z10 will also be formally released, which has already been multiply exposed.

The latest news that the media has confirmed the BlackBerry Z10 will be formally sold on January 30 at 5:00, and the sales company is the Vodafone UK company, and this will also be the British Vodafone’s first 4G network equipment.

It is reported that the BlackBerry Z10 contract period with the operator is 24 months, 47 pounds / monthly or pre-paid 229 pounds, and additional 25 pounds / monthly.

In the new machines listed this time, the Z10 Black edition will be available firstly, while the white version needs to wait until mid-February, and it’s at the same price.

Dec 212012

With the coming of the release date, the message about the BB10 system new machine naturally began to increase. Blackberry will abandon the four-digit model naming method, and name the BB10 system L series touch screen new machine as Blackberry Z10, and it provides black and white two colors.

Official model exposured

Blackberry BB10 system new machine is often exposed on the network, but information about the specific model did not divulge that much, people tend to use BlackBerry L series to introduce the BB10 system full touch screen models. And the display according to the media, the future BB10 system full touch screen series phones will abandon the traditional four-digit naming, and change into more concise phone model, the upcoming first new machine is officially named as BlackBerry Z10.

With 4.2-inch high-definition touch screen

BlackBerry Z10 specific configuration is unclear, but according to information leaked in the past, this phone will be equipped with a 4.2-inch touch screen and supports a resolution of 1280*768 pixels. And it has 1GB memory and 16GB storage space, built-in 1.5GHz Texas Instruments TI OMAP4470 dual-core processor, its integrated PowerVR SGX544 graphics chip processing performance is 2.5 times than the PowerVR SGX540′s.

BlackBerry Z10 also supports UMTS/HSDPA network, and a dual-camera configuration, a 2-megapixel front camera and a 800-megapixel main camera. In addition to support for memory expansion and provide a micro HDMI output interface, BlackBerry Z10 is also joined Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC functionality, and the removable battery capacity is 1800mAh.

BB10 System Features

Of course, the BB10 system is the most attractive place of the machine. The main feature of the system is touch oriented, applications and real-time information can be demonstrated on the screen, supporting multi-tasking, allowing users to slide up the screen to view notifications information on any interface in the phone.

The BB10 System is also oriented to the BlackBerry Hub function, user mail, SMS, BBM, social networks, and other message will be stored in the Blackberry Hub, even the user’s schedule information will also be integrated in it, and also in any interface, slide to the right way to open it again.

RIM will hold the Blackberry BB10 (BlackBerry 10) operating system conference on January 30, 2013 in New York.