May 152013

It’s reported that, this 5-inch BlackBerry phone screen ratio is similar to Samsung Galaxy S4, and it will be released in the next few months as its new flagship. Unfortunately, in addition to the screen size, there is no more specific configuration information leaked. After the battery life of the Z10 are criticized by users, it’s rumored Blackb[......]

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Feb 282013

According to media reports, the Canada’s leading mobile phone retailer Glentel said: the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone sales in the past three weeks have exceeded the iPhone 5′s and the Galaxy S III’s. Glentel has 330 retail stores in Canada, which is the largest mobile phone retailer.

The BlackBerry company President and CEO, Mr. Thorsten[......]

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Jan 302013

January 30 is coming and the brand new BlackBerry BB10 system will be formally released, after a long time preparation, Blackberry BB10 will finally meet us. With the release of BB10, the BlackBerry brand new model Z10 will also be formally released, which has already been multiply exposed.

The latest news that the media has confirmed the BlackB[......]

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Dec 212012

With the coming of the release date, the message about the BB10 system new machine naturally began to increase. Blackberry will abandon the four-digit model naming method, and name the BB10 system L series touch screen new machine as Blackberry Z10, and it provides black and white two colors.

Official model exposured

Blackberry BB10 syste[......]

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