Dec 102012

According to media reports, the Apple’s Apple TV set-top box will support Bluetooth function. The latest beta version Apple TV not only provides a new Bluetooth menu, but also the user can match the Bluetooth keyboard with the second generation and third-generation Apple TV.

After the Bluetooth keyboard matched with Apple TV, users can replace the Apple TV remote control with a Bluetooth keyboard to operate the Apple TV, the direction keys on the keyboard can be used to navigate, the Enter key can be used to play and pause, and the ESC key is available for pop-up menu or returning to the previous level. What’s more important is that it’s more convenient to use a physical keyboard to enter and search.

Previously, the user can connect an iOS device to the Apple TV, and use the remote control application to process keyboard input. Clearly, this time Apple has further enhanced the input features of the Apple TV.

Currently, the Apple TV can not be connected with Bluetooth speakers, mouse and Mac computers, and the Apple TV Bluetooth function seems only to enhance the input function. However, this helps the third-party manufacturers to open the door of the development of the Apple TV remote control. Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard which is priced at $70 can be easily connected with Apple TV to relize the remote control function and with the navigation keys.

This also means that Apple can launch a more powerful remote control. The industry generally believes that the Bluetooth remote control also contains a noise canceling microphone for the A2DP connection Siri voice input.