Sep 042012

According to media reports, Apple’s OS X operating system on network usage has exceeded Microsoft Windows Vista system, and the Windows 7 system also exceeded Windows XP for the first time to become the world’s highest share operating system.

According to the latest desktop operating system share data that Net Applications released, the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system’s tracking network usage amount fell to 6.15% in August, while Apple’s latest released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion system network usage share rose to a 1.34 %.

Apple’s most popular Mac operating system is still OS X 10.7 Lion system, its network usage share is 2.29%. Plus Snow Leopard (network usage share of 2.23%) and Leopard (network usage share of 0.65%), the sum of the network usage share of the OS X operating system is 6.51%, which is more than the share of the Windows Vista system.

OS X 10.4 Tiger system, released in April 2005, is also in Net Applications list and its network usage share is 0.15%.

If the iPad and iPhone are also counted, Apple devices share will certainly be larger. Net Applications found that iPad accounted for 3.37% network traffic, and the iPhone network traffic share is 2.42%.

In other mobile platforms, Google Android 2.3 system’s share is 1.02%, 0.48% for the Android 4.0 system’s share, Android 2.2 system’s share is 0.21% and 0.18% share of the BlackBerry system, 0.16% share for Apple’s iPod. Kindle Fire share is the smallest, which is only 0.04%.

Microsoft Windows 7 system exceeds the XP system for the first time to become the highest share operating system, its market share is 38.54%, the XO system market share is 38.46%. The Windows 8 system also enters the Net Applications’s statistical chart, it is now in the testing phase and the market share is 0.21%.