Dec 252013

The 2013 edition iMac has been on sale in September this year, some users complained that they encountered the computer not booting problem. Apple recently updated a technical assistance document, which said the new machine first boot may be time-consuming. Apple said that this is completely normal.

According to Apple’s statement, when the user press the power button for the first time, iMac will be seemingly unable to start for some time. The article goes on to explain that this is because the computer is optimizing for RAM power consumption configuration, which is completely normal. Depending on the memory size, the optimizing time varies, the longest is about half a minute.

“When the iMac optimization is complete, it will continue to start automatically,” the article wrote, “during this period never press the power button.” It is reported that the memory power optimization only boots at the first starting up, and then it will no longer run.

It should be noted that installing additional memory or clearing NVRAM will lead to previous setting reset, so it will experience a power optimization once again in boot.

Mar 062013

Apple quietly launched a new ultra-thin iMac for educational institutions, this educational version iMac is sold only to educational institutions, ordinary users can’t purchase it by Apple’s educational discount plans. The iMac has started to accept reservations, the shipping date is 5-7 working days. The configuration is even lower compared to the current entry-level 21.5-inch iMac, of course, the price is also $200 less, and this ME699LL/A model ultra-thin iMac configuration is as follows:

- 3.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i3 processor
- 1920 x 1080 resolution
- 4GB (2 * 2GB) memory
- 500GB hard drive
- Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card

Compared with the current 21.5-inch entry-configuration, the new low-end education model processor changes from the quad-core to dual-core, reduce memory from 8GB to 4GB, hard drive capacity is also reduced by half, and it’s with no discrete graphics.

Also it needs to be noted that this educational institution dedicated iMac can only be purchased by educational institutions, students or individual teacher can not purchase, which is different from the Apple’s educational discount program.

Sep 112012

According to media reports, Apple’s upstream suppliers began large quantities shipments of the new iMac AIO and MacBook Pros laptops this month.

The report said that the sources was from the suppliers, the new MacBook Pros laptop has 13.3 inches retina display, and it’s specifically targeting at students returning to school in September and October and holiday sales season at the end of this year.

In addition, Apple originally planned to launch three new iMacs, but due to capacity constraints, now only the entry-level and mid-level are shipped, and the mass production of high-end has been postponed indefinitely.

Apple iMac global shipments are 101 million in the second quarter of this year, accounting for 2.8% of the total global desktop PC shipments. With 2.23 million shipments worldwide in the first half of this year, Apple has become the world’s fifth-largest desktop PC suppliers. But in the AIO PC area, Apple is still the world’s largest suppliers.