May 062013

Android4.3 has not yet been released, but the related reliable features have been exposed today. It is reported that Android4.3 have identified two new features: Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE and Open GL ES 3.0 supporting.

The introduction of the Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE is to solve the problem of power consumption issue cause by Bluetooth connection to the heartbeat monitor, key search device, external sensors and other accessories and Android phones. There are already a number of devices supporting this feature, but Google doesn’t introduce it to the official Android supporting functions.

The OpenGL ES 3.0 is the latest mobile graphics standard, and currently the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (processors for HTC One and the mobile version of Samsung Galaxy S4) supports OpenGL ES 3.0 standard. This upgrade will continue to optimize the Android 3D gaming experience.

It is expected that Google will announce the related functions of the Android4.3 in the I/O General Meeting held on May 15th to 17th.