Jul 042013

Last month AMD slightly updated the Richland Desktop APU product line. The new chip products provide basic clock frequency promotion, and some improvements in supporting functions, in addition it also has a better power management capability. Recently MSI motherboard supporting CPU list has appeared two new chip products, if these two APUs do exist, then AMD should be working to improve the thermal performance of Richland APU.

The media noted that several MSI Socket FM2 motherboard CPU support list appears two new chips: A10-6700T and A8-6500T. Notably, these two chips TDP thermal power are calibrated in 45W, lower than the previous products 65W.

The A10-6700T basic core frequency is 2.5Ghz, 4MB L2 secondary cache, IGP frequency is 720Mhz; A8-6500T basic frequency is 2.1Ghz, the other parameters are the same. However, the MSI support list does not specify the number of cores of both products and dynamic acceleration frequency and the number of IGP ALU number.

Although there is no information indicating the new chip prices, but it should be cheaper than the existing Richland APU. Because the baseband is apparently lower than equative other chips, in addition to these two products, the lowest fundamental frequency in this series is 3.5Ghz. Taking into account the lower frequency and power consumption, these two chips are for home theater or other same level positioning system.