May 072013

The well-known software company Adobe has released its first hardware products – the gravity sensing stylus Project Mighty and electronic ruler Napoleon.

Both accessories can be connected to equipments via Bluetooth, the Project Mighty is similar with other stylus in use, but when used together with Napoleon, the two tools will be able to draw curved and angled graphics, which is difficult to achieve in existing third-party stylus.

The size of the Project Mighty and Napoleon are very small, they are with silver design, similar to early iPod. There is a button on the stylus, while the electronic ruler is marked with a series of shapes, the user can freely switch. When use Napoleon draw, it shows the selected pattern on the device’s screen, the user simply use the stylus to depict. As a result, the Napoleon becomes a digital protractor to allow users to be able to draw a clear and precise shape. In addition, the application can distinguish touch between finger and stylus, when users use the stylus to paint, they can also use finger to perform different gesture, such as redo or erase.

The Project Mighty is equipped with a rechargeable battery, supports low-power Bluetooth connectivity and has built-in memory. Adobe said that these two products are still in the development stage, the launch date has not yet been determined.