May 272013

In just held CTIA (U.S. wireless communications exhibition) conference, Zagg released two cool Bluetooth keyboard accessories, which can be connected with the iPad mini, and then to operate iPad mini with the keyboard. (Suddenly become an untrabook?) Both Bluetooth Keyboards are named as ZaggKeys Cover and ZaggKeys Folio. Zagg said: the 6.3mm ZaggKeys Cover is the thinnest Bluetooth keyboard in the market. There are seven color backlight in the keys, each backlight can adjust three kinds brightness.

With ZaggKeys Cover hinge, users can stabilize the iPad mini from various perspective, which facilites text reading, watching movies and playing games. Under normal circumstance, it can have three months battery life. It currently has black and white two colors, and its price is $ 100.

The thickness of the other ZaggKeys Folio reaches 6.9mm, although a little thicker than the Cover, other configurations are almost the same as the ZaggKeys Cover’s, multi-directional fixed shaft, up to three-month built-in battery, the black and white colors and the same price of $ 100. Zagg revealed, ZaggKeys Folio will have more color versions launched in this fall.

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