Oct 242012

According to media reports, the TechBargains.com site recently launched an investigation on whether the user is willing to buy Apple’s upcoming iPad mini, the results showed that one-third of the respondents don’t intend to buy iPad mini as it’s too small, one-fifth believed that the iPad mini price may be too expensive.

The findings also showed that 70% of respondents among those who have not decided whether to buy the iPad mini are considering whether they need a smaller iPad, 30% people believe that the iPad mini price may be too expensive, in those who plan to buy the iPad mini, a quarter said they want to replace the existing tablet PCs with smaller iPad.

The survey results show that 18% respondents plan to buy the iPad mini, 32% people did not decide whether to buy, 50% people do not intend to buy.

TechBargains.com website president and editor-in-chief Yung Trang said: “Seen from the results of this survey, when consumers are considering whether to buy the iPad mini, what they really care about are price and screen size. This smaller tablet PCs may not be sought after by consumers as Apple’s other products. ”

In respondents who plan to buy the iPad mini, 14% indicated that they plan to queue to buy the Tablet PC on the release day, one fifth plan to purchase online once the Tablet PC launched, 66% people have not determine the purchase time.

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