Sep 032012

“Window8″ Hybrid laptops equipped with touch screen function ring new change for the PC market. Hybrid notebook is a multi-function computer which combines the functions of the Smart Pads and notebooks.

On the IFA 2012, Samsung Electronics, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony and other major PC and mobile phone manufacturers have launched Window8 products.

Window8 is the Microsoft(MS)’s new operating system(OS), which can support the tablet interface environment and touch-screen. What is different from the past WindowOS is that the Window8 supports touch screen.

Hybrid notebook, also known as “Tap Top” and” Tap Book”, is a product that can be used on different screens, the screen and keyboard can be separated or combined at any time, which can complete the transformation of the computer to the Smart Pad.

Samsung Electronics and HP launched screen separation and docking products, Sony released a slide-on Hybrid notebook at IFA, because they all support touch-screen system, they areĀ  equipped with handwriting function. Compared with the existing mouse, touch screen pen is more easier to operate.

The launching of Hybrid notebook equipped with Window8 will significantly impact on the Ipad monopoly Smart Pad market, most users using the Ipad need to buy keyboards separately, while the Hybrid notebook can solve this problem at one time.

In addition, the Hybrid influence will spread to the mobile phone market. The Window8 used on the Hybrid notebooks is MS’s product integrated all computer environments following desktop computers, notebook PCs, Smart Pad and smart phones.

After entering the era of smart phones, Window8 re-launched by MS which is defeated by Google Android and Apple IOS system will have a significant impact to the existing PC market and mobile phone market. Samsung Electronics released Hybrid notebook and smart phone equipped with Window8 on the Unpack activities organized on the IFA opening eve.

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