Aug 282012

With the Windows 8 official release approaching, there are more and more Windows 8 devices exposured online. According to the exclusive report of technology media PocketNow, Sony will launch a Windows 8 notebook-tablet hybrid device called the Sony VAIO Duo 11.

The PocketNow estimated the device screen size is 11 inches, with an external keyboard it can turn into a laptop, the screen now can be buy from, and it supports handwriting input. Unfortunately PocketNow did not get more details from its sources, and they did not know the specifications of this device, nor when Sony will launch this hybrid device. Following are more pictures about Sony VAIO Duo 11.

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  1. Thank you very much for that splendid article

    • that in the review ). I don’t like the poiotsining of the speakers on the iPhone (3GS) I cover them when I’m holding it landscape. Texting and internet doesn’t matter to me its all the same But I think this phone has delivery messages which I like, and the current iPhone 4 does not. For gaming come on. It is quite obvous that this is the best choice for gaming

  2. Great job on this one. Always support. Salute.

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