May 142013

Few years ago, many companies were attempting to break the education market with large-screen electronic ink devices, such as Plastic Logic, the Skiff, and even Amazon. But their attempt did not succeed. This year, Sony introduced a named Digital Paper of new equipment at the same purpose – a 13.3-inch flexible e-ink prototype.

The Digital Paper weights about 357.2 grams, and it’s with a 1600×1200 resolution capacitive touch screen and a stylus, users can use it to focus and comment on the PDF document. In addition, Sony also wants to add the equipment with the ability to share documents edited by Wi-Fi in the future.

Sony has developed in the field of e-reader fpr several years, the Digital Paper allegedly three weeks endurance performance should be able to attract some student users. But compared to the current Tablet PCs, this device lacks many advantages, such as third-party applications, faster processor and high-resolution screen, even Sony’s own Xperia Tablet Z is likely to become potential competitor of this device.

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