Jun 152013

Sony launched the mid-end smartphone Xperia M, which is equipped with 4-inch screen and Android 4.1, and supports NFC that can be connected with peripheral sensor devices to share photos, music and other content.

The handset is positioned in the mid-range market, emphasizes to provide the user with technology use experience, including support for NFC communication function.

Continuation of the flagship phone Xperia Z’s design, the new phone uses the same OmniBalance design to emphasize the thin and fashion appearance, the phone provides displays colorful message lights, which can be used to judge calls, text messages or personal reminders. The phone will have yellow, white, black and purple four colors.

Xperia M is with a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 854×480, built-in Qualcomm 1GHz dual-core processor and 4GB storage capacity that can be expanded through memory card. It has a 5 MP rear camera, which supports auto focus, HDR and face tracking camera shooting functions, and the front side is with a 300,000 pixel video camera.

In power management, Xperia M is equipped with power management feature, in order to save power, when in standby mode, the screen no longer displays, and also the running applications are also closed, Sony said the phone standby time can be extended more than 4 times.

Other phone features include built-in Sony Walkman music player software, you can access all the downloaded music, while it integrates Facebook social function, the built-in photo program can also access friends’ photos in Facebook, or organize photos by location and face recognition.

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