Aug 172012

Sony launched a new e-book reader PRS-T2, which opened a new chapter for its e-book reader products, users will be able to find more social functions in the reader and feel a sense of more paper book reading.

Sony today launched a $129 new e-book reader PRS-T2, the characteristics of the product is that it’s equipped with touch screen, improved integration of Facebook and Evernote.

Same with the previous models, the reader, the PRS-T2 e-book reader uses the 6-inch E-ink touch-screen, but Sony enhanced its display capabilities, making it with smoother paging and smoother zooming feature. The reader also improved the book layout, more convenient for users to organize and find books.

In addition, users can visit the Facebook to publish the summary and the cover of any book purchased from the Reader Store, so friends can know what books you’re reading. After the introduction of Evernote, users can also clip and save any browsing books in the reader’s Web browser. In addition, users can also use the supplied stylus or your finger to add annotation, and then synced back to Evernote, convenient to read in the smart phones, tablet PCs or computers later.

The PRS-T2 e-book reader can still access the library collection. Users with a valid library card can borrow books free from the more than 15,000 public libraries in the United States. In addition, Reader Store also offers thousands of e-books, newspapers and magazines. Users can also through Wi-Fi or online stores to buy and download books for the reader.

Users can now purchase PRS-T2 e-book reader at Sony retail stores and online stores, the current colors are black, red and white three products. Users that buy the black PRS-T2 e-book reader, can also get a free download of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” coupon.

Although the PRS-T2 e-book reader has a number of improvements and new features, but Sony still faces fierce competition from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Amazon Kindle Touch price is about $30 lower than the PRS-T2, and using the text-to-speech conversion technology, and has borrowed features, and the priced at $100 Barnes & Noble Simple Touch can access more than 2.5 million publications.

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