Jun 192013

The “Honami” coded Sony Xperia i1 as the first flagship model of the One Sony strategic, is not only the focus of the crowd, but also various rumors about the device are endless. Recently, the website Phonearena exclusively disclosed a forecast image of Sony mysterious new mobile, and it’s speculated from the picture’s file name that the device may be the future Sony Xperia i1 Honami, and it may even be officially launched on July 4th news conference.

Seen from the revealed image, this Sony mysterious new mobile looks somewhat similar with Xperia Z in the outline, but glowing LED lights at the top and bottom of the frame gives a very special feeling. Although it is unclear of the specific identity of this Sony’s new device, Phonearena infers from the “Honami” word in the photo that this mysterious new mobile may be the legendary Sony Xperia i1 Honami.

According to information leaked in the past, the device will be equipped with 5-inch FHD Full HD touch screen, and covered protective glass more robust than the Xperia Z’s. Meanwhile, in order to get better display, Sony will add the touch screen with the X-Reality Engine and Triluminos touch technology, as well as OptiContrastPanel display technology applied on Xperia Z.

The rumored first “One Sony” phone will merge Cyber-shot and Walkman two brands technologies, built-in 20 MP camera and load large 1/1.6 inch sensor, and the graphics engine will use a new JPEG algorithm Sony specially develops, which will be applied to the Sony Alpha and NEX two product lines digital cameras in the future.

The device will also have the Sony Walkman technology, the performance of the sound quality is reportedly to be between Walkman XZ and Walkman Z. In addition to carrying the 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, the device built-in battery capacity will be upgraded to about 3000mAh.

According to the news revealed by Sony internal staff, the device size and dimension is relatively close to Sony Xperia Z, and it’s also with double-sided glass design, and even the body thickness is only about 8mm, but the camera will be a lap bigger than the past.

According to Phonearena saying, if the revealed images of Sony Coming mysterious new mobileis true, then Sony will officially launch the new machine in July 4th news conference at the fastest. However, previously there were news that the device may be released in September of this year.

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