May 082013

The rapid development of the tablet gives business opportunities to industry companies, so they launched children’s tablet and early childhood tablet devices for special populations, and now the Claris Companion company deliberately launched a tablet device for the elderly. The device is with a rounded edge design, the back is with relatively thick bamboo cover, two front speakers are placed in the bottom of the tablet.

This 10-inch tablet device can provide proper logistical capabilities for the elderly, it can be set the diabetes detection alarm, as well as monitor the elderly walking distance and the amount of exercise and so on via built-in sensors. At the same time the tablet is able to be set medication reminders. Tablet design takes the situation of the older into account, and it’s high-decibel speakers and a larger font display, while the tablet interface is very simple and easy to understand.

There are several ways to buy the tablet. The first is the form of a two-year contract price, consumers can choose the $ 99 or $ 59 monthly. There is also a pre-paid $ 549 and then to pay $ 39 per month. Of course there is a lifetime method, but it needs to pay $ 995.

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