Oct 262012

According to Cnet reports, the market research firm NPD Display Search said, if iPad mini sales is good, then it will have stockout situation. The main reasons for this problem is that the iPad mini touch screen panel is supplied by LG and AUO (AU Optronics). Because the latter is a new supplier, the yield and the volume is not sufficient to meet Apple’s needs. So basically iPad mini touch screen panel suppliers is only LG.

According to Richard Shim, market analyst of NPD Display Search, the touch screen production AU Optronics made for the iPad mini yield has been low, and it provides only about 100,000 units iPad mini screen. According to the original plan, the AU Optronics must provide 400,000 units touch screens in October, 800,000 in November and a million in December.

Comparatively speaking, LG in September provided Apple with a 300,000 units screen, and planned to provide one million in October and 3 million in December. Therefore, once AUO’s production can’t increase while the iPad mini is popular, then the stockout situation is natually inevitable.

In the past Apple often usd two or more parts manufacturers in order to ensure product supply, for example, the New iPad is supplied by Samsung and LG. This time the Apple iPad mini no longer uses Samsung touch screen, but changed to AU Optronics, which seems to reflect a determination to break with the Samsung.

It is worth noting that the vendors against each other will affect sales channels, if the iPad mini will be really hot, then the long-term shortage problem will continue, while the direct consequence is market price rising, ultimately the large number of consumers will suffer losses.

The market analysts views on the iPad mini are mixed, critics think it’s overpriced and the competitors also have excellent product contest. While the approvers think the launch of the iPad mini will expand the Apple user community, and thus bring more profits.

According to Apple arrangements, iPad mini will be on sale on November 2, and it’s priced at $329

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