Jan 042013

According to media reports, Samsung said on Thursday that this year they will launch smartphones based on the new Tizen operating system, and it’s hoped to replace Google and Microsoft operating systems.

Samsung is the giant of the smartphone market, but its mobile phone products have to rely on other operating system platforms. Its considerable part of the phones use Google’s Android operating system, including the most successful products of the Galaxy S series. In addition, Samsung also introduced a number of models based on Microsoft WP operating system.

The reports said because Samsung realized the disadvantage of relying on someone else’s operating system, Samsung previously developed a Bada platform that is similar to smartphone operating system, and had some success in markets outside the United States. According to Gartner data, in the third quarter of 2012, the Bada global market share reached 3%, which beat Symbian and WP system.

Allegedly, Tizen is a Linux-based smartphone operating system, and it’s mainly developed by Samsung and Intel. The biggest difference compared with Android and iOS is that Tizen will be open to the public, and promised to allow mobile operators to offer their own services on the platform, therefore the Japanese telecommunications carriers Docomo, UK Vodafone, France Telecom, Matsushita, NEC, and a number of mobile operators will also be involved in the development.

In thecurrent smart phone market, most of the people in the industry believe that it is difficult to appear a third popular mobile operating system after the Apple iOS and Google Android, but there are still many vendors trying in this area. In addition, the Samsung official did not give a timetable for the listing of the new Tizen smartphone.

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