Aug 282012

Samsung on Monday released two new displays, one is aspect ratio 1:1 square screen UD22B, the other is transparent display NL22B, which lay foundation for Samsung B2B display leading market in the second half of this year.

The UD22B screen size is 21.6 inches, with a 1:1 square design, the border is only 5.5mm. A characteristics of UD22B is that it can form a video wall, spliced multiple displays  together to form a variety of shapes, such as 3D display. As the installation space and shapes are not limited, merchants can create interactive point-of-sale or advertising display.

NL22B is a new type display product, the screen size is 22 inches, and its biggest prominent feature is transparent. The NL22B can be used as high-end luxury accessories show window, the user can not only see the contents of the display,, but also see the scenes behind the screen through the display.

These two products will provide unparalleled solutions for businesses in the retail stores, commercial and public places display for business promotion. Samsung will showcase these two products on the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) from August 31 to September 5 .

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