Mar 132013

From the announced news of China Samsung Forum 2013, the new 5 Series has red, blue and black three colors for fashion and young consumer groups. The new 5 Series is equipped with Intel’s latest low-power i5 processor, 14′ display, and the strongest AMD Radeon HD8750M 2G.

The new 5 Series has 500GB HDD large-capacity hard disk and 24GB iSSD cache hybrid hard drive design. It has built-in JBL speaker to allow users to enjoy the ultimate audio-visual experience. In addition, Samsung 530U4E body weight is about 1.75kg, the thickness is about 19.5mm, it’s equipped with a 57Wh lithium polymer battery which on sale at, the life time is up to 9 hours. It’s with multi-touch functionality, and it supports 10-point touch at the same time to enable users to enjoy Windows8 operating system more simply and intuitively.

As Samsung ultrabook product line high-end products, the new 7 Series has the touchable 740U3E and 730U3E. Samsung 740U3E is equipped with AMD HD8550M graphics, 1GB memory, and the 1.65kg weight and 18.9mm thickness makes it become the thinnest and lightest touchable untrabook equipped with discrete graphics.

Both ultrabooks are equipped with 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution wide-angle screen. The intelligent ambient light sensing technology can adjust the screen and keyboard brightness with the light change to ensure the comfort of the users’ eyes. And also 8 hours battery life duration enhances persistence and mobility experience. These two new ultrabooks are with 128GB SSD, and Inteli5 ultra-low voltage processor and Windows 8 operating system.

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