Aug 302012

According to media paperblog reported, recently, 30 trucks loaded with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple headquarters in California. At the beginning, Apple security said that the trucks were parked in the wrong place, a few minutes later, Tim Cook got a call from Samsung president, who says that this is the $1 billion compensation Samsung pays to Apple.

As the compensation agreement did not specify the method of payment, Samsung reserves the right to pay in any way to Apple.

The Apple feels sick to this, they must spend a lot of time to count the money, save money, and hope that there are banks willing to accept this large deposits. Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee told the media, they will not be intimidated by a group of crafty geeks, if you want to play a trick they also know how to play. You can use these coins to buy breakfast, or melt them to make computers. Anyway, this is not my problem, I have complied with legal to compensate to you.

As many as 20 billion 5-cent coins, transportation companies hope this week they can be delivered completely.

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  1. Hahahahaha …. This is brillant. Samsung well played.

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