May 212013

Up to now, there has been many rumors about Samsung three anti mobile phone Galaxy S4 Active (I9295). A few days ago, the photos of this phone was revealed.

As it can be seen from the figure, the phone’s configuration parameters are the same as exposed previously, including quad-core 1.9GHz processor + Adreno 320 GPU (Qualcomm Snapgragon 600). The display size and resolution of the device should be the same as the S4′s (5 inches 1080p), but it is not clear whether the panel will be the Super AMOLED. Curiously, the displayed screen pixel density on the phone is up to 480ppi, so the Active screen size may be less than 5 inches.

In addition, allegedly the Active pixel camera is reduced to 8.0 megapixel from the S4′s 13 megapixel.

In addition to the similar configuration, the S4 ACTIVE’s appearance has no resemblance with the original S4. The device uses a metal shell, the back has four bolts, and the front side has three physical buttons.

Although there is no official source, but this phone was displayed in Croatia recently, so it should be close to its official release.

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