Mar 052013

According to Eldar Murtazin, he said he had seen the Samsung Galaxy SIV real machine, but it ‘s still with the polycarbonate body same as its predecessor Samsung Galaxy SIII. Nevertheless, Murtazin believes Samsung Galaxy SIV should have some update and optimization compared to its predecessor.

On the configuration of the phone, Eldar Murtazin said it’s roughly coincide with previous rumors. For examle, the Samsung Galaxy SIV will use 4.99 inches FHD touch screen, 2.0 megapixel front lens and 13 megapixel main lens. It will not only provide the 16GB and 32GB capacity versions, but also supports memory card expansion. The battery life is considerable with the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s. However, the product will be loaded with different processors depending on different market, such as the North American version will likely use the Qualcomm 600 processor.

Samsung will spend great efforts on Galaxy SIV software application, according to an insider that had tried the product, the Samsung Galaxy SIV will bring a very exciting function, that is the so-called Eye Scroll page. Specifically, the phone will keep track of the user’s eyes to determine the next page. For example, when users are reading articles, star at the bottom of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to display the next paragraph article.

Previously, Samsung has applied for a registered trademark called “Eye Scroll” in Europe and the United States. It is unclear how this technology to track user’s eyes and complete the relevant operation, I think it’s implemented by the front camera. Previously, with the front lens captured information, its touch screen will automatically light up when the user staring at the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy SIV phone model is GT-i9500, and the exposed invitation has confirmed that Samsung will hold a press conference in New York on March 14 to officially release it.

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