Mar 072013

With the growing popularity of tablet, a growing number of business and enterprise users began to use the Tablet, so they have new requirements on Tablet Security. Recently at CeBIT in Hannover Fujitsu launched a tablet computer that can recognize human palmprint, in fact, this model has been rumored for a long time last year, but there has been no prototype published.

The displayed prototype tablet is the prototype of the development and design phase, it’s with a 10-inch display, the casing is made of plastic and magnesium alloy, the side of the product is equipped with small sensors. Users just simply place the the palm over the sensor, the system can automatically scan and identify. Such design can increase security, and effectively prevent the device information leakage.

Currently Fujitsu has not released the name of the tablet, the sales price and the date of listing, but they have said it will first visit the Japanese market, and then to land in the European market in June.

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