Sep 112012

According to sources, Apple has informed retail staff that they can provide a discount of $49 to users buying the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which is flat price with other sales channels discounts price. This means that Apple has the previous iPhone price cut $49.

The sources said that these channels include Best Buy, Target and Sprint Nextel retail. They said, Apple did not inform employees why offer discounts to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S buyers, and also did not give a suggested retail price after the discount. The U.S. tech blog MacRumors firstly reported the news.

Usually, Apple does not provide a discount in order to match the price of other retail channels, in addition to offering discounts to the education sector and businesses group purchasing, if there is no new products released, Apple rarely slashed prices on older products. The back-to-school season promotion Apple launched annually is an exception, in the meantime, as long as the students purchase a Mac computer and iPod music player, they can get a discount up to $199.

Currently, the outside generally believes that Apple is about to release a new generation of iPhone which will be equipped with a thinner and longer screen, and will also support a series of other new features.

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