Mar 192013

Recently it’s rumored the X Phone will support custom hardware. And there is news that two code-named “Ghost” and “Yeti” new machines are being developed and will be launched for operators in the U.S. market.

The X Phone will provide hardware customization services. For example, the contents users can customize may include color and RAM size. In addition, users can also customize part of the phone’s software features, including preloaded own wallpaper, ringtones, applications and contacts. The machine even allows users to unlock the bootloader and SIM card.

It is reported that Motorola X Phone is likely to be released in Google I/O Assembly in June this year, and to be sold through Google Play App Store. Despite the Motorola X phone is a high-end model, it is alleged that Google will provide price subsidies to attract more buyers.

Compared to Motorola X Phone this year’s main products, the exposed two new machines should belong to the mid-range models from the hardware configuration. The code-named “Ghost” Motorola new machine will be launched for the United States four carriers AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nexte. Outside of the U.S. market, it will be available in Brazil and other South American countries.

As for the phone functions configuration, this new machine will be loaded with a 4.65-inch touch screen, and supports for 720p HD resolution and it’s equipped with Android4.2.2 system. In order to obtain a more fluid control experience, Motorola also equips the machine with 2GB RAM memory and 2200mAh capacity battery.

This new machine is loaded with 1.7GHz Xiao Long 600 processor (APQ8064T), whose main characteristic is to have four Krait 300 cores, also it’s with Qualcomm third generation LTE baseband chip (9×25), but the integrated graphics chip is Adreno 320.

As for the other “Yeti” coded new machine is currently only known it’s partly carrying Android4.2.X system, and will be launched by the U.S. carrier AT&T Mobility.

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