Jul 012013

According to the news from South Korea, the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone will use 5.99 inches Super AMOLED flexible display, which is contrary with many present argument. Recently,the well-informed @evleaks claims Galaxy Note 3 may adopt 5.7 inches display, rather than the majority rumored 5.99-inch panel. And another report thinks that, the phone may use AMOLED and LCD displays according to different market. And there are rumors that Samsung is not ready to use flexible display in Note 3 device, although they did consider this option.

And now, South Korean media MT Media reports said, Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display will be put into mass production in August, and officially released in September. However, the authenticity of this statement is difficult to trace.

This report gives several reasons why Samsung Note 3 will use flexible displays, including the Galaxy S4 sales lower than expected, as well as the threat from LG. LG has previously publicly stated that they are making a phone with flexible display, which is scheduled to release in Q4 of this year.

In addition, Sony and HTC these two competitors will compete with Samsung in the giant screen mobile phone market. Sony has officially released the first giant-screen phone Xperia Z Ultra a few days ago, and HTC is also reported to launch a One Max (T6). Both phones are strong competitors of the Galaxy Note 3.

This South Korean media also said that apparently Samsung wants to show the world that it is still with the innovative strength to develop this product. If they launch the Note 3 with flexible display, thent this phone will be the first flexible screen phone available in the market.

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